AV ALL STARS recipients

THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF TELEVISION ARTS & SCIENCES – UPPER MIDWEST FOUNDATION recognizes students who are an incredible technical asset to the overall success of a school or non-profit educational student video media program.

Educators could nominate a junior or senior from their school or organization’s media program. These are the behind-the-scenes, technical, dependable and engaged students in the video program or club. The go-to students who help keep the school’s content on the air.

2024 RecipientS

Jakob Miskell is a senior at Bloomington Kennedy High School. In just under two years of volunteering with BEC-TV, Jakob has been part of more than 180 productions. All of these have been after school… on his own time.

Jakob’s been in productions at every high school, middle school, stadium and ice rink in Bloomington. He’s held most every live behind-the-scenes production role.

Nearly all of these productions have been live-to-air with between 3 and 7 cameras, 4 channels of replay, full graphics, and more. Most productions require full setup and strike.

In his roles as student producer Jakob's been in charge of pre-production planning, the live production and the whole crew. After each production, he leads a “Post Mortem” with the crew to discuss what went right, what went wrong, and how to up their game for the next one.

2023 Recipient
Luke Holberg
Webster City High School

Luke Holberg has been an integral part of WCTV for the past three years. He worked as a student reporter for 2 years with WCTV… now serves as a show Technical Director.

Luke also digs live sports… so he’s hopped behind the camera and switched games on Webster City High School’s sports channel SPVG.

Luke has a good range of knowledge on the technical aspects of both news program and sports production. That includes setting up and tearing down all the gear and software used in different productions.