Emmy® Nominations

Friday, October 2nd




*Subject to change depending on covid situation

The 21st Annual Upper Midwest Emmy® Awards


The virtual video ceremony will air at 7pm on: The Upper Midwest Emmy®  YouTube channelThe Emmys® app, and the watch.TheEmmys.TV website.

Twin Cities metro viewers can watch the Upper Midwest Emmy® Awards show on local cable television.
Check local cable channels MCN6 listing.


The televised 2020 Regional Emmy® Awards Ceremony will air at 7pm, November 14th on the Upper Midwest Emmy® YouTube channel, The Emmys® app, and website.

The Emmys® App, is a dedicated platform powered by Vimeo.  All programming is available at and via The Emmys® apps for iOS, tvOS, Android, FireTV, Roku and more.



Shipping of awards presented on Emmy night will begin the week after the show.
Due to COVID company restrictions, we will try our best to ship awards to main entrants HOME ADDRESS.

Please update your membership or entry account with your home information by October 10th, 2020.
Please make sure all addresses are a valid street address.

In lieu of a silent auction for our Foundation scholarships, we’re asking members and nominees to show support with online donations instead.
If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Upper Midwest Regional Emmy® office at 952-381-7494 or email us at

The NATAS – Upper Midwest Foundation is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization Tax ID 20-1848994

2020 REGIONAL Emmy® Awards

Upper Midwest Emmy® Nominations

Tentative online release at, Friday October 2nd, 2020.

21st Annual Upper Midwest Emmy® Awards Presentation

Saturday November 14th, 2020.

  • MEMBERSHIPS: Member rate entry fees will be applied to entries where all listed entrants are members.
  • JUDGING REQUIREMENTS: Main entrants who have completed mandatory judging requirements (2 panels) will receive a $50 discount on entries.
  • NEW CATEGORIES: Technical Achievement, Military – Program/Special,Post-Prod./Short Form – Editor, Writer & Photog.
  • PAYPAL CHANGES: Pay Pal changed its refund policy. The company no longer refunds the service fees for transactions. Be sure your payment is correct.  Any refunds will have service fees subtracted from them. You’ll get a refund, minus the transaction fee.
  • New Emmy Express system does not support Internet Explorer browser.
  • YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for reading ALL the rules and submitting entries accordingly to avoid any disqualifications. Questions? Email

Entry eligibility: June 1, 2019 – May 31, 2020


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1. Produce good work (just stating the obvious!)
Interesting, quirky, different, out-of-the-ordinary, funny, dramatic, sad: MEMORABLE…many of these kinds of entries often do well with judges.

2. Content Counts!
Don’t get caught up in effects and flash and lose sight of content. In News & Program entries, you’re being judged on content, creativity and execution. Winning entries are trong in all 3.

3. Ask friends, co-workers, colleagues which projects they remember most.
They may think of something you had forgotten. Likewise, if nobody remembers a piece you’re thinking of submitting, perhaps reconsider.

4. For craft composites, submit only your best work.
Avoid throwing in pieces that aren’t as strong and could pull down overall score.

5. Shorter is better – especially for Craft composite entries or those Program Achievement entries that require more than one example of work. Your work is more likely to be viewed in its entirety instead of judging panels opting to use the 25% viewing rule.

If you’re not sure, ask an experienced Emmy person, Board member, Awards Chair, previous recipient and ask their opinion. Entering a great piece in the wrong category hurts its chances, a lot.

7. WRITE A COMPELLING SUMMARY in the entry description field online.
Avoid wasting your opportunity to ‘speak’ directly to the judges about things that might matter to them. They are creative professionals just like you. Tell them what it took to get the project completed. If you pulled an all-nighter, had to travel, had no- budget, no time, no resources, you edited in the hospital waiting room while your wife was having a baby…whatever. Tell them like you are in the room with them. It might strike a chord and matter to them. Make sure though that it is not too long – make it concise and short! If you are submitting a composite, include in the description field a list of all the segments included in the entry.

8. Choose truly original work – not something everyone is duplicating.
Show off what YOU do best.

9. Get involved.
Participate in your local chapter, learn more about the process, be a judge. Knowledge is power. Pay attention to the kinds of things that win…and the kinds of things that do not.

10. If you were an Emmy judge, what type of work would you want to see?
Enter the kind of story that when you’re done judging, you want to show it to your friends and coworkers. So strive to put something together that will be that memorable and impactful.

11. Check your submission for editing glitches and errors.
Check for transfer errors. Amazingly enough entries are sent with low audio, no audio, huge glitches or with NOTHING on them. Don’t just spot check the online video. Play it back all the way.

What information do I need in order to enter entry information in Emmy® Express? How do I start?
Before you start the process of entering and uploading your video, have ready the following information:

1. Title of Entry
This will be the title engraved on your Emmy® band if you win. Think about it.

2. What Category to enter
Choose best fit for entry content

3. Submitting Organization
Should you list a station name or a production company name? Perhaps it was a joint production. Maybe you should you list two company names?

4. Length of entry: Hour/Minutes/Seconds
How long is the video you are entering? Is it longer than the maximum length allowed for that category?

5. Producing Organization:
Station or company which did the work

6. First Air or Online Publishing Date (MM-DD-YYYY)

7. Station First Aired or URL if the material was distributed via the Web

8. Entry Summary Description/Precis
No word limit but we recommend you do not overdo it.
· A description of your entry goes in this field.
· If you are entering a composite, please include a list for the judges of all the selected pieces included in your entry.

9. Know how many entrants you are going to list for the entry. Have the full list of the names ready to enter online.
· Imagine you win on Emmy® night. Is there a key person that you didn’t list on the entry who is going to be upset that they weren’t listed?
· Make sure everyone you list participated in an eligible hands-on role (producer, reporter, editor, photographer, etc.)?

10. For each entrant, know the following information:
· Know how they want their name listed. Do they want their nickname listed? Is there a middle initial? And check the spelling on their name if you are unsure.
· Email Address for each entrant
· Entrant’s role for the entry. Producer? Reporter? etc. Again, make sure everyone you list Did they participate in an eligible role (producer/reporter, etc.)?

11. How are you going to pay for the entry? By credit card? By check or money order? If paying by credit card, have that information on hand.

OK, once you have gathered all your information together to enter online, now you need to think about if your video format is compatible for upload with the Emmy® Express system.
The Emmy® Express system uses JW Player, so here you can learn how to prepare your videos for upload:
JW Player: Preparing videos for upload

Questions? Call 952-381-7494 or email

To avoid any confusion, the basic formula for “double-dipping” is the following:

An individual entrant can only been recognized ONCE for the same job function, utilizing the same program content.

DOUBLE-DIPPING: No single entry may be submitted in its entirety in more than one programming category. Exceptions are given for content that was part of a full newscast, or included as an excerpt in the “Overall Excellence,” “News Excellence,” and “Community Service” categories. To be eligible for this exception in the newscast categories, the same entrant cannot be listed on the newscast entry and then use the same material and enter in another programming category.


We use JW Player to handle video, so to learn how to better prepare videos for upload, please visit the JW Player Support page.