AV ALL STARS recipients

THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF TELEVISION ARTS & SCIENCES – UPPER MIDWEST FOUNDATION recognizes students who are an incredible technical asset to the overall success of a school or non-profit educational student video media program.

Educators could nominate a junior or senior from their school or organization’s media program. These are the behind-the-scenes, technical, dependable and engaged students in the video program or club. The go-to students who help keep the school’s content on the air.

2023 Recipient
Henry Hahn
Wartburg College

Henry Hahn – Knight Vision Films – Wartburg College (IA) Henry is a fourth-year student and in his second year as Student Leader. He coordinates weekly training meetings and has developed two short film projects for future festival submission.

Henry collaborates with fellow students and delegates, relying on team members strengths. When filming, or preparing to film, has a clear plan and process to keep the day of filming moving smoothly.

During fall semester, Knight Vision's staff engineer was hospitalized. Henry, without hesitation, stepped up and picked up several engineering shifts a week to help support other students and Knight Vision as a whole. He routinely worked with faculty members to troubleshoot and support live, multi-camera streaming operations.

“Henry is one of the first students we look to when we need help with training younger students. He has very good and clear communication about set up and productions for the live stream.” - Lucas Wendland – Wartburg College

2023 Recipient
Malachi Martichuski
Bloomington Educational Community Television (BEC-TV)

Malachi is a senior at Bloomington Kennedy High School (MN). In 3 ½ years of volunteering at BEC-TV, he’s been a part of nearly 260 productions. All after school and on his own time.

Malachi’s held most every live behind-the-scenes production role. Nearly all productions have been live-to-air, between 3 and 7 cameras, 4 channels of replay, full graphics, and more. Most productions require full setup and strike.

Malachi’s school had a rich tradition of TV Production classes dating back to Black & White reel-to-reel days of the mid 70’s. But the school pulled-the-plug on the TV class in 2017. Two years later, Malachi started 9th grade. He and another student enlisted a teacher with no TV experience as an advisor to start a Kennedy News program without any official class. “Eastside Edition” was born, then the pandemic hit. It didn’t stop the show. Malachi and his team kept it rolling remotely.

“Malachi is ‘That Guy’ that every program wants. Always the first one on-site and the last to leave. And while others show up a couple hours early, he’s thinking about each shoot a couple days early. Always ready to take things to the next level.” – Tom Ringdal BEC-TV