AV ALL STARS recipients

THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF TELEVISION ARTS & SCIENCES – UPPER MIDWEST FOUNDATION recognizes students who are an incredible technical asset to the overall success of a school or non-profit educational student video media program.

Educators could nominate a junior or senior from their school or organization’s media program. These are the behind-the-scenes, technical, dependable and engaged students in the video program or club. The go-to students who help keep the school’s content on the air.

2022 Recipient
David Hindman
University of Northern Iowa

David Hindman has been an active and engaged student, involved in multiple organizations, media projects, and departments on campus, through which he has gained advanced media and leadership skills.

Combining his interests in the environment and media, he has modeled how media skills can be used to highlight important issues facing our world. He has participated in numerous unique and challenging projects that have helped to bring publicity to the Department of Communication and Media and the Digital Media major. David’s list of technical skills is both impressive and indicative of his commitment to learning his craft. He is an accomplished photographer and videographer who is willing to go the extra mile to produce a high-quality product.

Teachers describe David as one of the best team members they’ve seen in class projects, the student media organization, as well as in the independent project done under an advisor’s supervision. Teachers are impressed with his ability to create a positive atmosphere, be constructive in suggestions, respectful and appreciative of feedback and other opinions, and always willing to assist others wherever needed.

2022 Recipient
andrew grund
Bloomington Education Cable (BEC-TV)

Former Kennedy Senior Andrew Grund has been part of over 120 productions and logged 500 hours at shoots in his two years volunteering with BEC-TV. He’s accomplished these activities all after school and on his own time.

Andrew has been in productions at every high school, middle school, stadium and ice rink in town. He’s worked in 5 different production trucks and held most every live behind-the-scenes production role. Nearly all of these have been live-to-air with between 3 and 7 cameras and 4 channels of replay. Most productions require full setup and strike.

Andrew is often the first one to arrive to a shoot.. Sometimes he’s got all the “grunt work” done before any of the rest of the crew even checks in. And that’s a gift to all. His presence has single-handedly saved more shoots than nearly any other single student.