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One statuette is presented to the main entrant for each winning entry. Others listed on official entry registration are eligible to purchase statuettes engraved with their name/role on entry.  Awards can be ordered through the Upper Midwest Emmy® office.


In accordance with the rules of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), regardless of station or company affiliation, individual recipient(s) retain possession of the Emmy® statuette. Emmy® Awards are presented to individuals, not their employers. Ownership of the statue is retained by the individual, even if an employer pays entry fees.


Emmy® statuettes are the property of NATAS and may not be sold or transferred to anyone other than the official recipient.


Those who worked on a project who are not eligible for a statuette can purchase a production certificate or plaque upon verification of their participation.

Visit our Emmy® Awards store to order additional Emmy statuette or nomination plaque:



We will ship awards to main person listed on entry during the week of November 16th. Society Awards will send emails via UPS with shipping & tracking info in case you need to change a shipping address.


Those who worked on a project who are not eligible for a statuette can purchase a production certificate or plaque upon verification of their participation.


Go to @midwestemmys Facebook page for special category videos you can share and post your speeches!


Regional Emmy® Awards are presented to individuals, not to their employers. It is the individual entrant’s achievement that is being judged and recognized. Ownership of the Regional Emmy® statuette is retained by the individuals and The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, even if an employer pays entry fees.

Recipients may not sell or give the statuette to anyone. The Regional Emmy® Award Statuette is the copyrighted and registered trademarked property of NATAS.

If a recipient or the recipient’s heir or successor in interest proposes to sell or otherwise dispose of the Regional Emmy® statue(ette), such persons shall be obligated to return the statue(ette) to NATAS which will retain the same in storage in memory of the recipient.

Stations, studios and production companies may order a commemorative statuette for public display at their place of business (up to a maximum of three per winning entry).

The statuette is engraved the same as the actual Regional Emmy® Award, with the word “commemorative” added on the rear of the statuette. No additional or special wording is allowed

All publicity, advertising or any written reference undertaken by stations, nominees and award recipients to the Emmy® Awards, must clearly state that the awarded achievement is for a Regional Emmy® Award. The word “Regionalmust appear in these instances. i.e. “Regional Emmy® Recipient for Outstanding Newscast”.

The recipient of a nomination or a Regional Emmy® Award or station/company may refer in advertising and publicity to the fact that they have been honored only for one year after the recognition was bestowed. They may use a replica of the Regional Emmy® statuette in such advertising. Individuals who significantly contributed to the production or craft but were not honored with a statuette cannot specifically advertise they are an Emmy® award recipient. They can only state they worked on the recognized program.

The statuette itself may not be reproduced or used in any other commercial manner without written permission from NATAS.

A ® registration mark and the appropriate copyright notice: © NATAS/Television Academy must accompany any portrayal of the Emmy® statuette or moniker.

The word “EMMY®” is also trademark and wherever possible its use should appear as follows: “EMMY®

Correct: I received an Upper Midwest Emmy® for outstanding… (category)

Incorrect: I won an Emmy® for best… (category)

The 2020 Upper Midwest Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Achievement go to…

1: Overall Excellence


John Remes, General Manager

2: News Excellence

KARE 11 News - KARE-TV

Stuart Boslow, Content Director

3: Community Service

MN Nice - Fighting For Today - An Afternoon with Nur-D - Acowsay Cinema

Tyler Eichorst, Director

4: Interactive Media

KARE 11 Digital - KARE-TV

Lauren Olson, Digital Director

Emily Haavik, Digital Managing Editor

Jeremiah Jacobsen, Digital Video Manager

05A: Newscast - Daytime (Markets 1-75)

Floyd Protest: Twin Cities Burn - KSTP-TV

Nicole Roddy, Executive Producer

Kyle Johnson, Senior Producer

Ryan Odeen, Producer

Paul Lockwood, Producer

Troy Neumann, Producer

Aarik Woods, Producer

Megan Newquist, Anchor

Chris Egert, Anchor

Ashley Zilka, Reporter

Ben Henry, Reporter

Josie Smith, Traffic Reporter

Ken Barlow, Meteorologist

05B: Newscast - Daytime (Markets 76-120)

KSFY Morning News - Tornado Aftermath - KSFY-TV

Miranda Sundermann, Producer

Josh Chilson, Executive Producer

Troy Timmerman, Photojournalist

Kamie Roesler, Anchor

Colton Molesky, Reporter

David Hauck, Photojournalist

Matt Moes, Techincal Media Producer

Jason Mitchell, Techincal Media Producer

05C: Newscast - Daytime (Markets 121+)

KBJR 6 News Today - KBJR-TV

Ryan Haff, Anchor/Producer

Kevin Jacobsen, Photojournalist

CeCe Gaines, Anchor

06A: Newscast - Evening (Markets 1-75)

WCCO 4 News at 5:00 - WCCO-TV

Michael Verlo, Producer

Frank Vascellaro, Anchor

Amelia Santaniello, Anchor

Chris Shaffer, Meteorologist

Dave Hillestad, Director

Joe Kaczynski, Editor

Esme Murphy, Reporter

Reg Chapman, Reporter

John Lauritsen, Reporter

Liz Collin, Reporter

Joe Berglove, Photojournalist

Chris Cruz, Photojournalist

Robyn Black, Photojournalist

Mike Durenberger, Photojournalist

06B: Newscast - Evening (Markets 76-120)

Fargo Riot - WDAY-TV

Thor Thompson, Executive Producer

Kerstin Kealy, Anchor

Dana Mogck, Anchor

Jacob Anderson, Director

Matt Henson, Reporter

Andreas Haffar, Reporter

Nick Broadway, Reporter

Kevin Wallevand, Reporter

Tanner Robinson, Photographer

Derek Murray, Photographer

Andrew Nelson, Photographer

Jeff Nelson, News Director

06C: Newscast - Evening (Markets 121+)

Siouxland News at 10pm - KMEG-TV

Diana Castillo, News Director/Anchor

Larry Wentz, Anchor

Owen Siebring, Sports Director

Katie Copple, Producer

Jetske Wauran, Anchor/Reporter

John Gerard, Chief Meteorologist

07A: Investigative Report - Single Story

On the U's Dime - KSTP-TV

Eric Rasmussen, Investigative Reporter

Joe Augustine, Senior Producer

07B: Investigative Report - Series

KARE 11 Investigates: Mission Critical - KARE-TV

A.J. Lagoe, Producer

Gary Knox, Photographer

Steve Eckert, Producer

Aaron Adelson, Photographer

8: Breaking News

Peaceful Protests, Unrest & Arrests - WCCO-TV

Michael Verlo, Producer

Jeff Wagner, Anchor

Jennifer Mayerle, Anchor

Tracy Perlman, Executive Producer

David Schuman, Reporter

Aaron Goodyear, Photographer

Dave Charest, Photographer

Mike Max, Reporter

Tom Aviles, Photographer

Will Greiner, Photographer

Alex Palmer, Director

Dave Hillestad, Robo/Director

9: Continuing Coverage

Mike Max & Photographers Continuing Coverage from the Frontlines - WCCO-TV

Mike Max, Reporter

Will Greiner, Photographer

Tom Aviles, Photographer

Sean Skinner, Chief Photographer

Chris Cruz, Photographer

Arthur Phillips, Photographer

10A: General Assignment Report - Within 24 Hours

Pandemic Can't Keep Couple Apart - KARE-TV

Boyd Huppert, Producer

Devin Krinke, Producer

10B: General Assignment Report - No Time Limit

Treasure Above, Riches Below - KMSP-TV

Tom Lyden, Reporter

John Michael, Producer

11A: Light Feature News Report

Indy 300 - KARE-TV

Sharon Yoo, Reporter

David Porter, Photographer

11B: Serious Feature News Report

Haley & Heather - KARE-TV

Boyd Huppert, Producer

Chad Nelson, Producer

No One Will Die Alone - KARE-TV

Lou Raguse, Producer

Craig Norkus, Photographer

Brandon Stahl, Producer

12: Crime - Single Story/Series

Anoka Sheriff's Detective Evades Arrest - KMSP-TV

Courtney Godfrey, Reporter

Casey Hooker, Photojournalist

13A: Arts & Entertainment - News Single Story/Series

The Master & the Protégé - KARE-TV

Boyd Huppert, Producer

Chad Nelson, Producer

13B: Arts & Entertainment - Program Feature/Segment

Moment of Action - Pioneer PBS

Dana Conroy, Senior Producer

Ben Dempcy, Videographer

Kristofor Gieske, Editor/Videographer

13C: Arts & Entertainment - Program

Des Moines Metro Opera Presents Bon Appe’tit! - Iowa PBS

Judy Blank, Producer/Editor

Andrea Coyle, Executive Producer

Chad Aubrey, Engineer in Charge

Julie Knutson, Technical Director

Neal Kyer, Video Engineer/Editor

Jim Leasure, Audio

Kevin Rivers, Audio

Phil Blobaum, Camera

Darrin Clouse, Camera

Scott Faine, Camera

Phong Duong, Graphic Artist

Brent Willett, Graphic Artist

14: Business/Consumer: Single Story/Series

The Cup N' Saucer - KARE-TV

Boyd Huppert, Producer

Devin Krinke, Producer

15A: Politics/Government - News Single Story/Series

The Deportation Business - KSTP-TV

Eric Rasmussen, Investigative Reporter

Joe Augustine, Senior Producer

Ana Lastra, Producer

15B: Politics/Government - Program Feature/Segment

Presidential politics at the State Fair: An Iowa tradition - Des Moines Register

Kelsey Kremer, Photographer

15C: Politics/Government - Program

First in the Nation: An Iowa Caucus Special - KGAN-TV

Michael Howell, Executive Producer

Caroline Cummings, Reporter

Christopher King, Anchor

Nick Weig, Anchor

16: Children/Teen

No nominees/awards – Entries did not meet minimum standard of excellence

17A: Education/Schools - News Single Story/Series

Fight Like a Girl - WOI-TV

Elias Johnson, Reporter/Photographer/Editor

17B: Education/Schools - Program Feature/Segment

This Free North - Twin Cities PBS

Steve Spencer, Producer

Robert Edwards V, Producer

Daniel Pierce Bergin, Executive Producer

Bradley Keely, Online Editor

Amanda Reardon, Production Manager

Diana Fraser, Production Manager

Ryan Klabunde, Offline Editor

Fatima Abdulahi, Production Coordinator

Jim Kron, Videographer

Terry Gray, Audio Sweetening

Jon Van Amber, Graphic Design

Nastja Nykaza, Media Asset Specialist

18A: Health - Single Story/Series

Childhood Cancer Awareness - WHO-TV

Randy Schumacher, Photojournalist

Megan Reuther, Reporter

I Touched Lives - KARE-TV

Boyd Huppert, Producer

Chad Nelson, Producer

So Many Goodbyes - KARE-TV

Karla Hult, Producer

Jason Steussy, Photographer

Warrior Jake - Acowsay Cinema

Tyler Eichorst, Director

18B: Health - Program/Special

The Opioid Fix Part One - Twin Cities PBS

Steve Spencer, Producer

Susan Thao, Associate Producer

Julie Censullo, Production Manager

Amanda Reardon, Supervising Producer

Carrie Clark, Editor

Mike Phillips, Videographer

Eric Pagel, Field Audio

Ben Malley, Graphic Design

Terry Gray, Audio Sweetening

Fatima Abdulahi, Production Coordinator

Alyssa Franklin Fuller, Media Asset Specialist

Nastja Nykaza, Media Asset Specialist

19A: Science/Environment - News Single Story/Series

Loons Adopt Duckling - KARE-TV

Boyd Huppert, Producer

Devin Krinke, Producer

19B: Science/Environment - Program Feature/Segment

Living With Wolves - Pioneer PBS

Cindy Dorn, Producer

Dylan Curfman, Editor/Videographer

Max Grabow, Videographer

Bret Amundson, Field Producer

20A: Historic/Cultural/Nostalgic - News Single Story/Series

Still Seeking Justice - KARE-TV

Adrienne Broaddus, Reporter

Adam Jukkola, Photographer

20B: Historic/Cultural/Nostalgic - Program Feature/Segment

From War to Dance: The Carlyle Larsen Story - Pioneer PBS

Dana Conroy, Senior Producer

Ben Dempcy, Videographer

Kristofor Gieske, Editor/Videographer

20C: Historic/Cultural/Nostalgic - Program

From Where They Have Come - KMSP-TV

Randy Meier, Anchor/Producer

Scott Keller, Photojournalist

Doug Solomon, Photojournalist

Seth Kaplan, Executive Producer

21A: Military - Single Story/Series

Dan Drevnick: Woodbury's Son - South Washington County Telecommunications Commission

Bob McSherry, Producer/Editor

Brian Schmidt, Photographer

21B: Military - Program/Special

Always Remember - Twin Cities PBS

Amy Melin, Producer/Editor

Brittany Shrimpton, Producer/Editor

Miles Painter, Editor

Michael Phillips, Photographer

Jim Kron, Photographer

Terry Gray, Field/Post-Production Audio

Eric Pagel, Field Audio

Fatima Abdulahi, Production Coordinator

Amanda Reardon, Production Manager

Adam Geiger, Supervising Producer

Alyssa Franklin Fuller, Media Asset Manager

Ted Hinck, Director of Media Operations

22A: Sports - News Story/Series

Casey & Emmett - KARE-TV

Randy Shaver, Reporter

Jeff Wiltgen, Photographer

22B: Sports - Program Feature/Segment

Midco Sports Magazine: Faith, Family, Football - Midco Sports Network

Josh Munce, Editor

Brian Shawn, Producer

Whalen -The Warrior - Minnesota Lynx

Chadwick Folkestad, Executive Producer/Director

Alyse Danikowski, Director

Barry Andersson, Director of Photography

Travis Higgins, Cinematographer

Josh Harms, Animation Producer

Jared Hughes, Writer

Chris Vanderbeek, Producer

Sheridan West, Producer

Max Sjobert, Drone Cinematographer

22C: Sports - Program

HomeGrown - Minnesota Wild Hockey Club

Chris Barriere, Producer/Director

Scott Skaja, Editor/Motion Graphic Animator

Robert Durland, Director of Photography

Jamie Spencer, Executive Producer

Anne Butters Anderson, Executive Producer

22D: Sports - One-Time Special

The Pursuit: From Berlin to the Bigs - FOX Sports North

Nicole Kunkel, Producer

Ralph Gasow Jr., Photographer

Dustin Morse, Host

Trevor Fleck, Coordinating Producer

Tony Tortorici, Executive Producer

23: Sports Event/Game - Live/Unedited - Program/Series

Hockey Day Minnesota 2020 - Outdoor Game (Blaine vs Blake) - FOX Sports North

John Stroh, Producer

Matthew J. Gangl, Director

Vanessa Lambert, Producer

Tony Tortorici, Executive Producer

Trevor Fleck, Coordinating Producer

Anthony LaPanta, Play-by-Play

Kevin Gorg, Analyst

Marney Gellner, Reporter

Jim Bothun, Producer

Nicole Kunkel, Editor

Bob Rohde, Director of Operations

Erich Manwarren, Operations Manager

Riley Schmidt, Operations Coordinator

24A: Weather - Single Story/Series

They Really Came Through - WHO-TV

Randy Schumacher, Photojournalist

Dan Winters, Reporter

24B: Weather - Program/Special

Rising Waters 2020 - KGAN-TV

Nick Stewart, Weather Producer

Michael Howell, Executive Producer

Kristen Hamilton, News Director

Rebecca Kopelman, Meteorologist

25A: Documentary - Cultural

First Avenue: Closer to the Stars - Twin Cities PBS

David Roth, Producer

Adam Geiger, Producer

Brennan Vance, Videographer

Jim Kron, Videographer

Terry Gray, Audio Sweetening

Nathan Reopelle, Online Editor

Carrie J. Clark, Motion Graphics Editor

Ben Malley, Graphic Designer

Julie Censullo, Post-Production Manager

Fatima Abdulahi, Production Coordinator

Alyssa Franklin Fuller, Senior Media Asset Specialist

Nastja Nykaza, Media Asset Specialist

25B: Documentary - Historical

Carrie Chapman Catt: Warrior for Women - Iowa PBS

Laurel Bower, Producer/Writer/Editor

Kate Mulgrew, Narrator

Debra Herbold, Executive Producer

Cameron McCoy, Videographer

David Feingold, Editor/Audio Mix

Brent Willett, Graphics Animation

Emily Blobaum, Assistant Producer

Phong Duong, Graphic Designer

25C: Documentary - Topical

Small Town ROBOT - Moving Pictures, Inc.

Joe Brandmeier, Producer/Director

Joan Steffend, Producer/Writer

26: Informational/Instructional

Shaggy's - Ron Schara Productions

Bill Sherck, Producer

Aaron Achtenberg, Editor

27: Interview/Discussion

Vikings All-Decade Special - Vikings Entertainment Network

Nate Vaughn, Producer/Director

Candice Anderson, Producer

Arthur Kuh, Graphics

Ryan Cardinal, Producer

Bryan Harper, Executive Producer

Mark Rosen, Host

Kevin Seifert, Analyst

Paul Allen, Analyst

Pete Bercich, Analyst

28: Magazine

Greetings From Iowa - Series - Iowa PBS

Tyler Brinegar, Producer/Photographer/Editor

Darrin Clouse, Photographer

Rick Fuller, Photographer

Steve Carns, Photographer

Jim Leasure, Audio Mix

Tiffany Hill, Assistant Producer

Andrea Coyle, Executive Producer

29A: Public/Current/Community Affairs -News Single Story/Series

Pandemic Problems - KARE-TV

A.J. Lagoe, Producer

Brandon Stahl, Producer

Gary Knox, Photographer

Steve Eckert, Producer

29B: Public/Current/Community Affairs -Program Feature/Segment

Esther's Story - City Voices Des Moines - Estuary Motion Studios

Ryan Morrison, Producer

Israel Lopez, Cinematographer/Editor

Ben Moeller, Producer

29C: Public/Current/Community Affairs - Program

BWCA at Risk... - Ron Schara Productions

Bill Sherck, Executive Producer

Ron Schara, Reporter

Kelly Jo McDonnell, Producer

Aaron Achtenberg, Online Editor

Ben Elling, Photographer

30: Special Event Coverage (other than News or Sports)

7th Annual KS95's Clouds Choir for a Cause 2019 - Atomic K Records & Productions

Karl Demer, Producer/Director/Editor

Todd Randall, Director of Photography

Jason (Gus) Wiltse, Camera

Benjamin Kryzer, Camera

Mark Walentiny, Camera

Natasha Carlson, Camera

Patrick Laeger, Camera

Randy Olejnicak, Live Audio Recording

Jerome (Melo) Bour, Camera

Konnor Sanghera, Camera

Jonathan Krejci, Technical Director

31: Interstitial

The Great White Way - Iowa PBS

Cameron McCoy, Producer/Writer

Debra Herbold, Executive Producer

32A: Lifestyle - Feature/Segment/Series

History in Miniature: Max's Dioramas - Pioneer PBS

Dana Conroy, Senior Producer

Kristofor Gieske, Editor/Videographer

Ben Dempcy, Videographer

32B: Lifestyle - Program/Special

Player Piano Man - Pioneer PBS

Dana Conroy, Senior Producer

Kristofor Gieske, Editor/Videographer

Ben Dempcy, Videographer

33: Community/Public Service (PSAs)

Foodbank of Iowa - Strategic America

Bruce Ganzer, Producer

Jacob Moyer, Director/Director of Photography

Randy Belcher, Executive Creative Director

Kasey Baker-VerMulm, Art Director

Heath Smith, Writer

34A: Promotion: News - Single Spot

One Minnesota - KMSP-TV

David Pint, Producer/Editor

Burke Daneman, Executive Producer

Kimberly Zamora Pearson, Producer

Joshua Blackburn, Producer

Samy Vernet, Producer

Michelle Truax, Producer

Ally Bell, Producer

Brad Swagger, Videographer

34B: Promotion: News – Image

KARE 11 Belonging - KARE-TV

Janeen Vogelaar, Producer

Travis Kobs, Producer

The Bold North - Fox 9 Winter Image 2020 - KMSP-TV

Justin Lund, Producer

Burke Daneman, Executive Producer

David Pint, Videographer

Joshua Blackburn, Videographer

Ally Bell, Producer

34C: Promotion: Program - Single Spot

Love Them First - KARE-TV

Janeen Vogelaar, Producer

Travis Kobs, Producer

35: Commercial

TCO Comeback Series - Acowsay Cinema

Tyler Eichorst, Director

The Making of an Iconic Statue - Creative Soul Video

Mark Anderson, Executive Producer/Cinematographer/Editor

Sam Scaman, Producer/Cinematographer

Jon Morgan, Cinematographer

Justin Barr, Drone Operator

John Overby, Drone Operator

36A: Director - Live or Recorded Live

Super Tuesday - KARE-TV

Amy Strande, Director

36B: Director - Post-Production/Short Form

For My Kids: The Kevin Breen Story - Acowsay Cinema

Tyler Eichorst, Director

37A: Editor – News

Chad Nelson Composite - KARE-TV

Chad Nelson, Editor

Devin Krinke Edits - KARE-TV

Devin Krinke, Editor

37B: Editor – Sports

2020 Schedule Release Remix - Vikings Entertainment Network

GH Ridpath, Editor

Alex Miller, Editor

Pursuit Feat. Eric Kendricks - Triglass Productions

Ryan Thielen, Editor

37C: Editor - Program (Non-News)

Jason Van Zetten Composite - Vayne Productions

Jason Van Zetten, Editor

37D: Editor - Post-Production/Short Form

Luminary Editor Commercial Reel - Luminary Creative

Jacob Moyer, Editor

38: Graphic Arts - Graphics/Animation

Arthur Kuh Composite - Vikings Entertainment Network

Arthur Kuh, Motion Graphics

39A: Writer - News

Land of 10,000 Stories - KARE-TV

Boyd Huppert, Writer

39B: Writer - Program (Non-News)

David Brown Composite - Midco Sports Network

David Brown, Writer

39C: Writer - Short Form

Vikings NFL 100: Legendary featuring John Randle - Vikings Entertainment Network

Arthur Kuh, Writer

Darius Smith, Writer

40: News Producer

Ellie Coatar Composite - KARE-TV

Ellie Coatar, Producer

41A: Talent - Anchor - News

Matt Belanger Composite - KSTP-TV

Matthew Belanger, Anchor

41B: Talent - Anchor - Weather

John Gerard Composite - KMEG-TV

John Gerard, Chief Meteorologist

41C: Talent - Anchor - Sports

Keith Murphy Composite - WHO-TV

Keith Murphy, Sports Anchor

41D: Talent - Program Host/Moderator

Bret Amundson Composite - Pioneer PBS

Bret Amundson, Host

41E: Talent - Reporter

Boyd Huppert - KARE-TV

Boyd Huppert, Reporter

41F: Talent - Play-by-Play/Analyst

Dave Benz Composite - FOX Sports North

Dave Benz, Play-by-Play

Justin Morneau: Minnesota Twins Analyst - FOX Sports North

Justin Morneau, Analyst

42A: Photographer - News

Devin Krinke's Composite - KARE-TV

Devin Krinke, Photographer

42B: Photographer - Sports

NDSU Football: Legacy - Adrenaline Sports Mud Mile Communications

Nate Burdine, Photographer

Brad Dumke, Photographer

42C: Photographer - Program (Non-News)

Kevin Sullivan Photography Composite - Mayo Clinic

Kevin Sullivan, Photographer

42D: Photographer - Video Essay (Single Camera Only)

Chris Spah Mixed Media Artist - Ron Schara Productions

Kyle Heidenreich, Photographer/Editor

42E: Photographer - Post Production/Short Form

Luminary Cinematographer Commercial Reel - Luminary Creative

Jacob Moyer, Photographer

43A: Video Journalist - Within 24 hours

Alex's Solo Stories - KARE-TV

Alex Hagan, Video Journalist

43B: Video Journalist - No Time Limit

Faith, Art and Cookies - KARE-TV

Heidi Wigdahl, Video Journalist

44: Technical Achievement

Live NFL Draft Coverage - Vikings Entertainment Network

Jesse Marquette, Director

Arthur Kuh, Graphics

Candice Anderson, Producer

Darius Smith, Producer

Scott Kegley, Producer

Skip Krueger, Coordinating Producer

Bryan Harper, Executive Producer

Gabe Henderson, Host

Ryan McCarthy, Engineer

Ryan Cardinal, Producer