Paige Jaeger – St. Cloud State University


PAIGE JAEGER – ST. CLOUD STATE UNIVERSITY: Paige is the first to admit she eats, sleeps and breathes TV production. She got into TV production while a sophomore at Wayzata High school. She noticed right away she was the only female, or one of just a few on production crews.

When Jaeger came to St. Cloud State, she had a mission to show the world an all-female TV production crew is a possibility. In February 7th, 2020 for the first time in UTVS and St. Cloud State mass communications history, Jaeger and classmate Maya Brown helped organize the first all-women’s broadcast for any sport. The crew consisted of 26 women ranging from first years to seniors. They plan to do at least one-more all-women’s sports broadcast next season.

Besides her studies and TV production at SCSU, Paige also does part-time production work for the Minnesota Wild.