Gold & Silver Circle NOMINATION form

The Gold Circle (50+ years) and The Silver Circle (25+ years) are open to all who have extensive careers in television, either in a performing, creative, technical or administrative role within the industry or in a peripheral area directly related to television, such as commercial production, journalism, or education.


Nominations must be received by July 26th, 2020


Nominees must have made a significant contribution to our industry, NATAS and the community in the Upper Midwest for at least part of their career. Equal consideration will be given to candidates who are living or deceased.


Candidates or their sponsors are asked to submit the following information for evaluation by the Upper Midwest Emmy® Chapter Board of Governors.


As we are limited to three inductees each year, all nominees not honored will be held for consideration for future presentations. For more information, contact John Murray, Executive Director via telephone 952-381-7494 or email


Upon vote by the Board of Governors, Commemorative Emmy® Circle plaques will be presented to recipients at the Upper Midwest Regional Emmy® Gala on Saturday November 14th, 2020 at the Radisson Blu Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.

Do you know someone who has made a significant contribution to our media industry in their career? The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences – Upper Midwest Chapter honors people and stations that have made a difference in their industry, craft or community.  Please check out our Gold & Silver Awards.



Recognition of eligible individuals who have made a significant contribution to television well above and beyond that required by their job. That contribution can be in service to the industry, to NATAS, to the community, or to people training for a career in the field. Nominees answer to the highest standards of integrity and honor in all aspects of their personal and professional lives. Nominations are accepted from the performing, creative, technical or administrative roles within the industry or in peripheral areas directly related to television such as commercial production, journalism or education. Neither nominators nor nominees need to be members of NATAS.

Silver Circle Guidelines
The Silver Circle is a society of honor. Television professionals from within the Chapter’s region are inducted in recognition of significant contributions made to our industry for twenty-five years or more. Award to consist of a Plaque and a gold and silver lapel pin. Nominations are solicited and then reviewed by the committee. In making their recommendation to the Board of Governors, the committee will consider:
      1. Service to the television industry
      2. Service to the National Academy
      3. Service to the community involving television
      4. Service to people working or training for careers in television

An individual’s entire career need not have been spent in a single market; but must have significant contributions within the Chapter’s region.
It is recommended, but not required, that candidates be nominated by the National Academy members and/or by previously selected members of the Silver Circle.
Nominated individuals may or may not be National Academy members. Nominations may be considered in future years if they are not selected.
There should be no circulation of ballots or lists of names being considered, since any publication of that information could be interpreted as revealing “losers.” Only the names of those to be inducted should be announced.
The selection should be made by the Board of Governors, or by a Special Committee appointed for this purpose. Discussions should be confidential.
The selection should be conducted in a way that avoids embarrassment to those not selected.

Gold Circle Guidelines The Gold Circle honors individuals who meet all criteria for Silver Circle and have spent fifty or more years working in television. Like the Silver Circle, it is a regional chapter option. The National Awards Committee may also award individuals whose work is national or which has been spread over a number of markets and has not been recognized by a local chapter. Award to consist of a Medallion and a gold pin.
Requires fifty years service in television, not necessarily in a single market.
For individuals only. Groups, businesses and organizations are not eligible.
National Academy membership is not required.
Award may be presented as part of the Silver Circle ceremony, as part of the chapter’s Emmy Awards, or as a separate ceremony authorized by the National Awards Committee.
The Chapter’s Board of Governors should make the selections.
Announcements should be limited to those who are to be honored. No advance announcement should be made of the names of those under consideration to avoid embarrassing those who are not selected.
Chapters may bestow a lifetime membership on inductees if they wish.
Normally not to be awarded posthumously, but may be when special circumstances warrant, as determined by the Board of Governors.
Silver Circle membership is not required for the Gold Circle, though it is anticipated that would be the case in most situations.

Attach a photo of the Circle nominee that will be used online and in the printed program
Attach a station or company logo to be used online and in the printed program
Attach a file of biography or press clippings you wish to share with the Board of Governors