Devils Lake High School (ND)

Devils Lake High School (ND)


(Grant for hand-held cameras)

Devils Lake is a small rural high school with about 500 students. TV productions class began in 1997-1998. DLHS was the first ND high school to broadcast live and taped programming from the class on local cable TV!  The school has its own channel called Firebird Vision 472. Close to 50% of the student body qualifies for free and reduced lunch.   DLHS has a high poverty statistic at the school. The school also has 34% of its students who are Native American.

Lara Prozinski teaches the TV production Classes. “Many students with special needs choose to take TV productions because if they don’t feel comfortable writing or reading on camera, they can do many things behind the scenes such as cameras, producing, editing, etc.”

The school recently upgraded its studio cameras. With this grant for getting new handheld video cameras, students will be able to achieve the goals of the class- Language Arts and Technology ND State Standards and Benchmarks

“I want to see this program continue to grow and grow and to utilize new, state of the art equipment to best prepare them for the workforce by having marketable skills,” Prozinki said.