David Pint – KMSP-TV Twin Cities

David Pint – KMSP-TV
Twin Cities

David Pint has been a fan of TV for as long as he can remember. Mostly as a way to artistically express ones creativity, but also as a way to entertain and inform an audience. David started his career early as a wedding videographer while in high school in the small town of New Prague, MN. At that point in his life he never thought he would stay or advance in the video field. David’s goals and aspirations were more along the lines of 3D animation. With a passion for graphics and animation along with the skills of shooting video; broadcast production became a better fit. David graduated from Brown College in 2006 for Broadcast Production.

Quickly after graduating from college, David got his first TV job at KIMT in Mason City, IA as a Chief Photojournalist. Covering the Iowa Caucus, storm chasing and setting up live productions were just some of the highlights during his 2 years in that Market. Once he had a few years in the business, David realized Creative Services was the department for a multi-verse individual like him. David went to WREX in Rockford Illinois and then WSJV where he honed his skills in commercial and promotion production. In April 2011 David made my way back to Minnesota to work in the Creative Department at KMSP. David started writing, shooting evening topicals. 4 years later he worked his way up to Senior Creative Services Producer within the department.

“It’s been an incredible journey thus far, but nothing has been more enjoyable, or more entertaining than this industry and the people I’ve met along the way.”