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2020 High School Student Production Award Nominees

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences – Upper Midwest Foundation is proud to announce its High School nominees for the 2020 Upper Midwest Regional Student Television Awards!

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High School Student Production Award Crystal Pillar

OFFICIAL NATIONAL NATAS RULES FOR STUDENT AWARD PROMOTION: You may promote you received an Upper Midwest Emmy® Student Production Award Nomination. PLEASE DO NOT REFER TO THESE AWARDS AS STUDENT EMMYS. Students are not considered peer professionals and as such, their regional student productions are NOT eligible to be promoted as a Regional Emmy® award recognition.  Students may refer to being nominated for a Student Production Award from the Upper Midwest Emmy® Foundation  or Upper Midwest Emmy® Student Production Award Nominee.  Students and schools may not use the Emmy® name or replica of the Emmy® figure in any form of school publications, commercial advertising and promotion.  Crystal Pillar Awards are presented to recipient schools for promotional purposes.  Students listed on official entry are eligible to purchase awards.

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The 2020 High School Student ProductionAward Nominees are… (Nominations are listed in alphabetical order according to entry title)

High School – Newscast

EaglEye #185 – Apple Valley High School

  • Sara Abourjeily, Anchor/Producer
  • Gabriel Peña, Anchor/Producer
  • Cliff Dodge, Advisor
  • Andrew McCluskey, Advisor

EaglEye #18 – Apple Valley High School

  • Gabriel Peña, Anchor/Producer
  • Faith Johnson, Anchor/Producer
  • Cliff Dodge, Advisor
  • Andrew McCluskey, Advisor

The 10.03.19 Show – The Flash- Eastview High School

  • Faris Ahmed, Host
  • Mason Enderlein, Host
  • Nick Fornicoia, Advisor

The Holiday Show The Flash- Eastview High School

  • Max Gouette, Host
  • Kevin Gonzalez, Host
  • Nick Fornicoia, Advisor

WCTV Season 21 Episode 544Webster City High School

  • Dylan Bergantzel, Student Director
  • Emma Stroner, Student Director
  • Jacob Lahr, Technical Director
  • WCTV Staff, Staff
  • Mark Murphy, Advisor
  • Stephanie Pace, Advisor

High School – News: General Assignment – Serious News

Budget Cuts VNN – Pelican Rapids High School

  • Kirby Nelson, Photographer
  • Colm Fitzsimmons, Reporter

Jordan Bolton- One of Ours – Eagleye- Apple Valley High School

  • Hunter Bertram, Talent
  • Jarett Huard,  Videographer

Marathon Stars The Flash – Eastview High School

  • Elise Wiegele, Videographer
  • Jack Singer, Reporter

Playing with a Purpose The Flash – Eastview High School

  • JakeBrockman, Reporter
  • IanCarroll, Videographer

Teen Mother The Flash – Eastview High School

  • Olivia Cuoco, Reporter

High School – News: General Assignment – Light News

iPad Possibilities Eagleye – Apple Valley High School

  • Hunter Bertram, Talent
  • Drew Carruth, Camera

Missing Dog The Flash – Eastview High School

  • Erik Speegle, Reporter
  • Max Gouette, Editor

Phone PolicyThe Flash – Eastview High School

  • TiffanyKaldahl, Reporter

Trades OpportunitiesEagleye – Apple Valley High School

  • Jarett Huard, Videographer/Talent/Editor
  • Mohamed Hussein- 2nd Camera

Valentine’s Day Raider Nation News – Lake Park Audubon High School

  • Taylor Endres, Talent
  • Elise Grabinger, Director
  • MacKenzie Ehlers, Photographer

High School – Arts & Entertainment/Cultural Affairs 

Art of Expression: Hair Eagleye – Apple Valley High School

  • Faith Johnson, Talent
  • Gabriel Peña, Videographer/Editor

Cinco de Mayo Parade The Flash – Eastview High School

  • Olivia Cuoco, Reporter
  • Jill Lamkins, Videographer

Culture Blocked Ankeny High School

  • Autumn Cadoree, Reporter

Interfaith Dialouge The Flash – Eastview High School

  • Iqra Ismail – Reporter

Singing for Those In Need The Flash- Eastview High School

  • Jack Singer, Reporter

High School – Music Video

2k19 Homecoming Thomas Edison High School – Minneapolis Public Schools

  • Demitri Redd, Writer/Performer
  • Omar Hatcher, Writer/Performer
  • Tyrell Nalls, Photographer
  • Sumaya Jama, Photographer
  • Ramel Hill, Photographer
  • Maimun Rufai, Editor
  • Liam Collopy, Editor
  • Anders VeVang, Editor
  • David Salzer, Classroom Teacher

Break my heart Young Filmmaker’s Club- Eden Prairie High School

  • Sophia Sailer, Director
  • Ian Brown, Musician
  • Reagan Sissel, Actress
  • Josie Morss, Actress
  • Aria Miles, Actress

Leave it to the Northside Minneapolis North High School

  • Kelan Holcomb, Lyricist
  • Jacob Butler, Director/Cinemotgrapher
  • Maresha Green, Director/Cinemtographer
  • Jasiona White, Singer/Songwriter/Dancer
  • Demetria Jones, Singer/Songwriter
  • Monaea Upton, Singer/Dancer
  • Nijionna Montjoy, Dancer
  • Shamaia Ross-Hawkins, Dancer
  • Khadija Ba, Singer/Dancer
  • Samuel Wilbur, Teacher

Primrose Lake Park Audubon High School

  • Elise Grabinger, Talent
  • Kevin Bjorgan, Editor
  • Stacey Minion, Advisor

High School Short Form:  Fiction

Car Review Lake Park Audubon High School

  • Gavan Mikkelson, Talent
  • Brendan Erickson, Editor
  • Jack Mattson, Talent
  • Stacey Minion, Advisor

On the SceneLake Park Audubon High School

  • Andrew Softing, Director
  • Carter Anderson, Talent
  • Colby Hesby, Talent
  • Stacey Minion, Advisor

Our WarSaint Thomas Academy

  • Pawel Williams, Producer/Director
  • Stephanie Heidorn, Advisor

High School – Short Form: Non-Fiction

Addiction Adversity The Flash – Eastview High School

  • Abby Lindgren, Reporter

Home Bemidji High School

  • Gavin Kestner, Videographer/Editor
  • Westin Gourneau, Actor/Editor

Kindergartner for a Day VNN- Pelican Rapids High School

  • Kirby Nelson, Reporter
  • Colm Fitzsimmons, Photographer

Paws: A Dogumentary Saint Thomas Academy

  • Joseph Zak, Producer

Positivity The Flash – Eastview High School

  • Sydney Lacher, Reporter

Senior Spotlight Lake Park Audubon High School

  • Justin How, Director/Editor

Tennis Superstar The Flash – Eastview High School

  • Hailey Rohlwing, Reporter

High School – Long Form: Fiction

Family First Saint Thomas Academy

  • Nicholas Tucci, Producer
  • Stephanie Heidorn, Advisor

High School – Sports

Brotherhood On The Ice Bemidji High School

  • Susie Ritter, Videographer/Editor

Coaches Corner Lake Park Audubon High School

  • Justin How, Photographer
  • MacKenzie Ehlers, Editor

College Gameday The Flash – Eastview High School

  • Hailey Rohlwig, Reporter
  • Parker Hagebock, Videographer

High School Sports Program (No entries submitted)

High School – Sports – Live Event

Boys’ Hockey: Jefferson at Kennedy  BEC-TV- Bloomington Educational Cable Television

  • Jack Click, Replays/Camera
  • Andrew Grund, Graphics/Camera
  • Max Manwarren, Graphics/Camera
  • Zach Vacura, Student Producer/Director
  • Ben Cannavo, Director/Camera
  • Tom Ringdal, Advisor
  • Paul Fourniea, Staff Advisor

Football: Providence Academy at KennedyBEC-TV- Bloomington Educational Cable Television

  • Joe Wiklund, Student Producer/Director
  • Zach Vacura, Director/Camera
  • Max Manwarren, Graphics/Camera
  • Lucas Krieg, Replays/Audio
  • Jeremy Lee, Replays/Camera
  • Vladislav Budiak, Audio/Camera
  • Tom Ringdal, Advisor

Oskaloosa Basketball vs Norwalk Oskaloosa High School

  • Katelyn Sirovy, Producer/Director
  • Camden Silvers, Technical Director
  • Selyna Lockard, Technical Director/Camera Operator
  • Caleb Edwards, Camera Operator
  • Stephen Goodwin, Camera Operator
  • Coy Snakenberg, PTZ Camera operator
  • Kale Hoover, Camera Operator
  • Mason Ford, PTZ camera operator
  • Maximum Orduna, PTZ Camera Operator
  • Tyler Hirl, Camera Operator
  • Kim Gile, Advisor

Webster City vs Ballard Wrestling WCTV- Webster City High School

  • Emma Stroner, Student Director
  • Sarah Lindstrom, Camera Operator
  • Gabe Tague, Camera Operator
  • Dylan Bergantzel, Sound Board Operator
  • Jacob Lahr, Replay Operator
  • Lucas Yoder, Camera Operator
  • Henry Ambrose, Play by Play Announcer
  • Mark Murphy, Advisor
  • Stephanie Pace, Advisor

High School – Public Service (PSAs)

Antibiotic Resistence The Flash – Eastview High School

  • Kevin Gonzalez, Talent

Bullying – PSA Lake Park Audubon High School

  • Sienna Baratono, Editor
  • Elise Grabinger, Talent
  • Allison Rohweller, Talent
  • Stacey Minion, Advisor

Distracted DrivingMinnetonka High School

  • Hanna Baskin, Director
  • Katie Rohling, Interviewer
  • Drew Sigel, Film
  • Bryce Rega, Editor

Drinking and Driving PSAMinnetonka High School

  • Jonathan Presson, Director/Editor
  • Cole Komisar, Lead Actor
  • Anna Knutson, Set Production Assistant
  • Chrissy Hansen, Writer

Driving BlindfoldedEagleye- Apple Valley High School

  • Aaron Sesay, Producer/Editor
  • Jirah Bautista, Actor
  • Carter Ehlers, Actor/Editor
  • Seth Johnson, Lights/Grip
  • Joanna Santiago, Writer/Editor
  • Cliff Dodge, Advisor

Gun SafetyMinnetonka High School

  • Andrew Hicks, Producer
  • Fletcher Anderson, Editor
  • Joe Sorenson, Cinematographer
  • Jackson Sinykin, Director

Speak Up. Reach Out.Saint Thomas Academy

  • Joseph Zak, Producer

High School – Public Affairs/Community Service

DigiGirlz Eagleye- Apple Valley High School

  • Oscar Nieto, Camera/Editor
  • Airyona Deherrera, Camera/Editor
  • Julia Congdon, Camera
  • Jinelly Dominguez-Rodriguez, Talent

The Dangers of Vaping The Flash – Eastview High School

  • Max Gouette, Reporter

Venmo Scams The Flash – Eastview High School

  • Parker Hagebock, Reporter
  • Mason Enderlein, Videographer

Youth Climate Change The Flash- Eastview High School

  • Iqra Ismail, Reporter
  • Kyle Hoang, Producer/Videographer

High School – Magazine

EaglEye #179 – Apple Valley High School

  • Sara Abourjeily, Anchor/Producer
  • Gabriel Peña, Anchor/Producer
  • Rapheall Davis, Anchor/Producer
  • Andrew McCluskey, Advisor
  • Cliff Dodge, Advisor

EaglEye #184 – Apple Valley High School

  • Mohamed Hussein, Anchor/Producer
  • Jarett Huard, Anchor/Producer
  • Cliff Dodge, Advisor
  • Andrew McCluskey, Advisor

VNN April 2019 – Pelican Rapids High School

  • Zane Broszowske,Anchor
  • Mackenzie Thornton,Anchor
  • Katlyn Haugrud,Photographer
  • Tucker Maus, Reporter
  • Crystal Diaz, Camera Operator
  • Melissa Salazar, Teleprompter
  • Spencer Okke, Photographer
  • Noah Ballard, Reporter
  • Kathryn Anderson, Advisor

VNN Nov 2019 – Pelican Rapids High School

  • Ibrahim Ali, Photographer
  • Moira Fitzsimmons, Reporter
  • Autumn Gummringer, Telepromter
  • Adam Hoover, Camera Operator
  • Ellie Johnson, Reporter
  • David Johnston, Reporter
  • Jared Kekaha, Photographer
  • Anna Kunz, Reporter
  • Alex Motz, Photographer
  • Ivy Ott, Photographer
  • Emma Seter, Photographer
  • Kathryn Anderson, Advisor

High School – Commercial

Ashery Lane Farm Minnetonka High School

  • Katie Rohling, Research Coordinator
  • Drew Sigel, Editor
  • Christina Hansen, Communications Lead
  • Cole Komisar, Filmer/Editor
  • Michelle Senescall, Project Manager

Be A Boarder CommercialMinnetonka High School

  • Jonathan Presson, Director/Editor
  • Jackson Sinykin, Research Coordinator
  • Charlie Hemer, Creative Lead
  • Nick Roberts, Communications Lead

Snapology Commercial Minnetonka High School

  • Jeff Gerczak, Editor
  • Sadiq Osman, Cinematogropher
  • Drew Hicks, Research
  • Kyle Woese, Communications

High School – Animation/Graphics/Special Effects

Star Wars The Flash- Eastview High School

  • Parker Hagebock, Animator
  • Jack Singer, Editor

High School Director (No Entries Submitted)

High School – Editor

Jarett HuardEagleye- Apple Valley High School

High School – Photographer

Jarett Huard Eagleye- Apple Valley High School

High School – Talent

Gabriel Peña Eagleye- Apple Valley High School

Hunter BertramEagleye- Apple Valley High School

Sara AbourjeilyEagleye- Apple Valley High School

High School – Video Essay (Single Camera Only)

A Runner’s Tale The Flash- Eastview High School

  • Brady Schlaefer, Reporter

Light ShowThe Flash- Eastview High School

  • Evan Burns, Reporter

What is Love? The Flash – /Eastview High School

  • Emma Rae, Reporter

High School – Writing

Hannah Robinson Eagleye- Apple Valley High School