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2020 College Student Production Award Nominees

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences – Upper Midwest Foundation is proud to announce its College/University nominees for the 2020 Upper Midwest Regional Student Production Awards!

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College Student Production Award Crystal Pillar

OFFICIAL NATIONAL NATAS RULES FOR STUDENT AWARD PROMOTION: You may promote you received an Upper Midwest Emmy® Student Production Award Nomination. PLEASE DO NOT REFER TO THESE AWARDS AS STUDENT EMMYS. Students are not considered peer professionals and as such, their regional student productions are NOT eligible to be promoted as a Regional Emmy® award recognition.  Students may refer to being nominated for a Student Production Award from the Upper Midwest Emmy® Foundation  or Upper Midwest Emmy® Student Production Award Nominee.  Students and schools may not use the Emmy® name or replica of the Emmy® figure in any form of school publications, commercial advertising and promotion.  Crystal Pillar Awards are presented to recipient schools for promotional purposes.  Students listed on official entry are eligible to purchase awards.

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The 2020 College Student Production Award Nominees are… (Nominations are listed in alphabetical order according to entry title)

College – Newscast

Cedar Valley Today 2019 April 4 Wartburg College

  • Taylor Webb, Executive Producer
  • Nathan Stephany, Director
  • Ryan Reebenacker, Producer
  • Ronald Johnson, Faculty Advisor

Coyote News TV Newscast 10-30-19 University of South Dakota

  • Cooper Seamer, Newscast Producer
  • Todd Mechling, Advisor
  • Michelle Van Maanen, Advisor

LCTV News Loras College

  • LCTV News & Production Crew
  • Jill Specht, Advisor

UTVS News St. Cloud State University

  • Summer Welch, Producer
  • Sydney Wolf, Anchor
  • Mitchell Barnhart, Producer
  • Alex Cotter, Anchor
  • Paige Jaeger,Director
  • Leif Ender, Sports Anchor
  • Bobby Poynter, Meteorologist

College – News:  General Assignment – Serious News

Break-ins on Lydia Ave University of Northwestern – St. Paul

  • Scott Krueger, Reporter/Photographer/Editor

Feed My Starving Children Campus News – Minnesota State University – Moorhead

  • Tanner Robinson, Reporter

Navigating handicap accessibility at St. Thomas TommieMedia- University of St. Thomas

  • Noah Brown, Reporter
  • Emily Sweeney, Reporter

Sandbag Central 2019 Campus News – Minnesota State University – Moorhead

  • Anthony Fridgen, Reporter

College – News: General Assignment – Light News

A Custodian’s Love Iowa State University

  • Josh Lamberty, Reporter

Anton’s Restaurant is Back Open UTVS – St. Cloud State University

  • Spencer Schacht, Reporter

Concordia Quidditch ClubCampus News- Minnesota State University – Moorhead

  • Tanner Robinson, Reporter

Filipino Students Celebrate Culture Through Dance Drake University

  • Tina Intarapanont, Writer/Producer/Videographer

Twin Cities Honor Flight UTVS – St. Cloud State University

  • Tony Langfellow, Reporter

College – Arts & Entertainment/Cultural Affairs 

Backstage Pass with Lumasi TommieMedia- University of St. Thomas

  • Mackenzie Bailey, Studio Producer
  • Taylor Shupe, Host

Ice Percussion Campus News – Minnesota State University – Moorhead

  • Anthony Fridgen, Reporter/Photographer
  • Alyssa Goelzer, Photographer

College – Music Video

It’s a StartJohnnie Bennie Media- College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University

  • Emily Booth, Producer
  • Myah Christenson, Producer
  • John Nguyen, Producer
  • Cameron Swanson, Artist/Actor
  • Alexis Marthaler, Actor
  • Michael Pineda, Videographer
  • Nathan Barrett, Videographer
  • Jayne Heitner, Videographer
  • Reibel Ramirez, Videographer
  • Aaron Utke, Mentor
  • Joshua Akkerman, Mentor
  • Ethan Wittrock, Advisor

Rings of Saturn Loras College

  • Colton Bachar, Producer/Photographer/Editor
  • Jill Specht, Advisor

College – Short Form: Fiction

A Love Affair (In Brief) Loras College

  • Amber Krieg, Co-Writer/Co-Producer
  • Caroline Breitbach, Co-Writer/Co-Producer

Are You Jake Porter Knight Vision Films – Wartburg College

  • William Wallace, Director
  • Taylor Webb, Producer
  • Max Weber, Actor
  • Megan Malaski,Actor
  • Matthew Ohl, Assistant Director
  • Anh Le, Cinematographer
  • Ronald Johnson, Faculty Advisor

The Control RoomSt. Cloud State University

  • Riley Buck, Producer
  • Connie Knipe, Producer
  • Tony Langfellow, Producer

College – Short Form: Non-Fiction

College LifeAugsburg University

  • Darton Weaver, Director/Writer

Road to Recovery: Elaina’s Journey Through Mental Health St. Cloud State University

  • Elaina Fourniea, Producer
  • Connie Knipe, Producer

Severt’s WoodsCentral Lakes College

  • John Grogan, Videographer
  • Stormy Ebel, Reporter
  • Richard Hartung, Videographer
  • Blake Tunnell,Videographer
  • Kiernan McFadden, Producer
  • Gunnar Olson, Editor

St. Thomas community demands climate actionTommieMedia- University of St. Thomas

  • Drew Bouman, Videographer
  • Emily Haugen, Reporter
  • Jack Stanek, Videographer

Tupa: Priest and PainterJohnnie Bennie Media- College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University

  • Nathan Barrett, Producer/Director
  • Michael Pineda, Videographer
  • Alexander Huerta, Videographer/Audio
  • Aaron Utke, Mentor
  • Ethan Wittrock, Advisor

College – Long Form: Fiction

Curling for PresidentCentral Lakes College

  • Stormy Ebel, Videographer/Producer
  • Kiernan McFadden, Writer/director
  • Richard Hartung, Videographer/Producer
  • Blake Tunnell, Videographer/Lighting Director
  • John Grogan, Editor
  • Gunnar Olson, Videographer/Producer

EstherLoras College

  • Sarah Mueller, Writer/Producer/Director/Editor

FLAVA University of Northern Iowa

  • Tarrell Christie, Director

TEMP Pilot EpisodeUniversity of Minnesota – Twin Cities

  • Abdirahman Mohamed, Director/Writer
  • Nicholas Barikmo, Writer

The Barn Knight Vision Films – Wartburg College

  • Rose Schroeder,Actor
  • Ryley Seymour, Producer
  • Taylor Webb, Director
  • Matthew Ohl, Cinematographer
  • Courtney Stucker, Actor
  • Ronald Johnson, Faculty Advisor

WhistleblowerUniversity of Minnesota – Twin Cities

  • Mitchell Baubonis, Director/Editor/DP
  • Jack Dannecker,Producer/DP
  • Dawn Klotzbach, Faculty Advisor

College – Long Form: Non-Fiction

Bayt Jadeed: Seeking Home Extending the link/College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University

  • Mackenzie Kuhl, Producer/Director
  • Danica Simonet, Producer/Director
  • Michael Klonowski, Videographer/Editor
  • Ryan Revoir, Videographer/Editor
  • Abigail Rader, Director 
  • Charlotte Frisk, Director 
  • Samuel Black, Director 
  • Paul Marsnik, Faculty Advisor
  • Ethan Wittrock, Production Advisor

Grant PriceKnight Vision Films – Wartburg College

  • Ian Coon, Documentary Team Member
  • Madison Bloker, Documentary Team Member
  • Kathryn Kries, Documentary Team Member
  • Jonathan Mohwinkle, Documentary Team Member
  • Robert Newell, Documentary Team Member
  • Anh Le, Documentary Team Member
  • Ronald Johnson, Faculty Advisor

Joy’s JourneyCentral Lakes College

  • Garett Christopherson, Producer/Director
  • Mark Ambroz, Instructor

Karina’s Adoption Story  – University of St. Thomas

  • Maggie Martin, Creator
  • Peter Gregg, Advisor

Not So FragileKnight Vision Films – Wartburg College

  • Amber Rottinghaus, Documentary Team Member
  • Alexis Bodzioch, Documentary Team Member
  • Krystal Johnson, Documentary Team Member
  • Irnea Muhovic, Documentary Team Member
  • Savannah Nichols, Documentary Team Member
  • Alisha Ungs, Documentary Team Member
  • Ronald Johnson, Faculty Advisor

Powwow on the Plains Campus News- Minnesota State University – Moorhead

  • Branson Reasor, Producer
  • Zac Hoffner, Producer

College – Sports 

Esports TournamentCampus News- Minnesota State University – Moorhead

  • Tanner Robinson, Reporter

Fall 2019 Blugold Sports Previews TV-10- University Of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

  • Evan Hong, Sports Reporter
  • Bryant Rahm, Sports Reporter
  • Alex Moldenhauer, Sports Reporter
  • Ben Petersen, Sports Reporter

Herb Brooks StatueUTVS- St. Cloud State University

  • Kirsten Krull, Reporter

College – Sports – Program

Crunch Time Season 6/Episode 9 Husky Productions-St. Cloud State University

  • Austin Schindler, Producer
  • Leif Ender, Producer
  • Nathan Daggett, Producer
  • Joey Erickson, Panelist
  • Nik Speliopoulos, Panelist
  • Max Steigauf, Panelist

Husky Mag – Top 50 Husky Productions-St. Cloud State University

  • Sam Goetzinger, Producer
  • Parker Kayser, Producer
  • Joe Scarrella, Talent
  • Alexis Pearson, Talent
  • Greg Spaeth, Director
  • Ryan Smith, Technical Director
  • Joey Erickson, Audio
  • Sydney Wolf, Camera
  • Ernie Cottier, Video

Knight Vision SportsWartburg College

  • Ryan Reebenacker, Co-Producer/Anchor
  • Annika Wall, Co-Producer/Anchor
  • Ronald Johnson, Faculty Advisor

SportsZONELCTV- Loras College

  • SportsZONE Staff & studio production crew
  • Jill Specht, Advisor

The Locker Room with men’s basketball – Dec. 5/2019TommieMedia- University of St. Thomas

  • Carly Noble, Host
  • Kate Nechanicky, Producer
  • Peter Gregg, Advisor
  • Greg Vandegrift, Advisor

College – Sports – Live Event

Bluegold Football vs. UW-StoutTV-10- University Of Wisconsin – Eau Claire

  • Evan Hong, Commentator
  • Ben Petersen, Commentator
  • Michaela Beal, Production Director
  • Abby Randall, Graphics
  • Alex Moldenhauer, Sports Content Director
  • Demi Cimiaskaite, Sideline Reporter

Wartburg vs Dubuque FootballKight Vision Sports – Wartburg College

  • Peyton Meisner, Announcer
  • Ryan Reebenacker, Announcer
  • Ronald Johnson, Faculty Advisor

Loras Football vs. Simpson LCTV- Loras College

  • LCTVLive Sports & Production Crew

St. Cloud State Men’s Hockey vs. Omaha Husky Productions-St. Cloud State University

  • Chris Person, Producer
  • Joey Erickson, Associate Producer
  • Paige Jaeger, Director

William Penn Football vs Peru StateWilliam Penn University

  • Jared Buckallew, Producer/Director
  • Austin Spencer,Technical Director/Replay Operator
  • Arthur Luz, Technical Director
  • Anthony Chavez, Replay Operator/Audio
  • AJ Helgeson, Announcer
  • Seth Crook, Announcer
  • Matthew Hecht, Camera Operator
  • Alex Perreira, Camera Operator
  • Jacob McKinsey, Camera Opertor
  • Selyna Lockard, Camera Operator
  • Destiny Rottman, Camera Operator
  • Douglas Hoskins, Faculty Advisor

College – Public Service (PSAs)

KYOT-TV Vaping Hospital PSAUniversity of South Dakota

  • Todd Mechling, Advisor

PSA Dirty WindshieldCentury College

  • Alex Huot, Director/Camera Operator
  • Jimmy Yang, Producer/Editor
  • Charlie Mains, Camera Operator

PSA Put Down the Phone Century College

  • Grant Newkirk, Director/Editor/Producer
  • Teddy Cruz, Camera Operator/Co-Producer
  • Michael Herzog, Foley Artist

College – Public Affairs/Community Service

A Crisis at Home: Opioid Addiction in the Twin Ports – University of Wisconsin – Superior

  • Amanda Ambrose, Producer/Director/Editor
  • Brent Notbhom, Advisor

Trans Community in Sports Panther News – University of Northern Iowa

  • Alan Moore, Co-director
  • Kelsi DeBrower, Co-director

Women’s Wrestling: A New Generation Panther News – University Of Northern Iowa

  • Alyshia Dobson, Co-Director
  • Megan Studer, Co-Director
  • Ellie Taylor, Co-Director

College – Magazine

Entertainment 30 Season 2 Episode 6UTVS – St. Cloud State University

  • Kenny Johnson, Producer
  • Maya Brown, Producer

Challenging Gender Norms in SportsPanther News – University Of Northern Iowa

  • Kelsi DeBrower, Co-Producer
  • Alyshia Dobson, Co-Producer
  • Nick Hoppel, Co-Producer
  • Brandon Haraldson, Co-Producer
  • Tristan Gingerich, Co-Producer
  • David Gleason, Co-Producer
  • Alan Moore, Co-Producer
  • Jacob Ruth, Co-Producer
  • Megan Studer, Co-Producer
  • Ellie Taylor, Co-Producer
  • Kwan Williams, Co-Producer
  • Cameron Wolff, Co-Producer
  • Caleb Herman, Co-Producer

The Culture Season 2 Episode 8UTVS – St. Cloud State University

  • Jancilyn Huff, Producer
  • Justice Jenkins, Producer
  • Soufiana Kaba, Talent
  • Araya Smith, Talent
  • Akiyra Torrance, Talent

College – Commercial

LabStrong Rapids Water Purification SystemLoras College

  • Ben Friedman, Producer/Editor

Magician Hockey  – Feel the Magic – University of St. Thomas

  • Joey Skare, Producer/Director/Videographer/Editor

The Sports CaveMystic Media – Bismarck State College

  • Justine Smith, Writer/Producer
  • Petra Davidson, Editor/Voice/Producer
  • Levi Holzer, Videographer/Producer
  • Dusty Anderson, Advisor

College – Animation/Graphics/Special Effects

Bedlam GalacticHennepin Technical College

  • Riley Cominetti, Animator

Christopher Person Composite UTVS – St. Cloud State University

  • Christopher Person, Graphic Designer

inkDrake University

  • Anna Steenson, Animator/Writer/Score Composer

Maid v FrogHennepin Technical College

  • Adam Beech, Director

College – Director

Paige Jaeger Husky Productions-St. Cloud State University

College – Editor

Andrew Legatt CompositeUTVS – St. Cloud State University

The Dingers Central Lakes College

  • Gunnar Olson, Editor

College – Photographer

Jack Anderson Composite Campus News – Minnesota State University – Moorhead

Notes from the RoadLoras College

  • Seth Kilburg, Photographer/Editor

College – Talent

Kirsten Krull CompositeUTVS – St. Cloud State University

Nik Speliopoulos Composite  UTVS – St. Cloud State University

Noah Cote’ CompositeUTVS – St. Cloud State University

Tony Langfellow CompositeUTVS – St. Cloud State University

College – Video Essay (Single Camera Only)

Crescent Grange Hall Hennepin Technical College

  • Harrison Marchio, Photojournalist/Editor

H.G. Leathers HouseHennepin Technical College

  • Ian Glendenning, Photojournalist/Editor

Woodbury HouseHennepin Technical College

  • Dallas Gibson, Photojournalist/Editor

College – Writing

Tanner Robinson Composite Campus News- Minnesota State University – Moorhead