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THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF TELEVISION ARTS & SCIENCES – UPPER MIDWEST FOUNDATION recognizes students who are an incredible technical asset to the overall success of a school or non-profit educational student video media program.

Educators could nominate a junior or senior from their school or organization’s media program. These are the behind-the-scenes, technical, dependable and engaged students in the video program or club. The go-to students who help keep the school’s content on the air.

Recipients will be honored with certificates of recognition at the 2020 Upper Midwest Emmy® Foundation Student Production Awards on Friday April 3rd at the Crowne Plaza AiRE MSP Airport/Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.

Zach Vacura – BEC-TV – Bloomington Education Cable Television

Zach caught the video bug you and started volunteering at BEC-TV in 7th grade.  Over the last few years Zach has served as Season-long student producer of Football for two different school district teams. Produced studio coach shows for both schools, and hockey coverage for 3 different teams.

BEC-TV Manager Tom Ringdal says Zach has been an integral part of helping rebuild studios in 3 schools as well as the BEC-TV truck, volunteering scores of hours running cables, soldering connectors, and programming systems.  “His commitment doesn’t end at the end of the school year. He gives up to 12 hours a day during the summers as well!”

Ringdal says Zach is a problem solver whose best interest is in making production better. “Zach found a way to integrate BEC-TV’s retired otherwise useless video switcher panels into the new HD systems. He found a way to integrate scoreboard data from each of district’s 8 venues – each with a completely different scoreboard system – into BEC-TV’s graphics system, and coded user-friendly interfaces. Zach even devised a way to overlay transparent name graphics & scores/times on each lane in swimming coverage.” 

“Few other students demonstrate the patience Zach does as he teaches and leads our wide variety of volunteers. Other students appreciate his approach as a Student Producer because they know he will always work to make both a Top Notch production AND help provide each of them have a Top Notch experience. When in charge, he is always encouraging others to stretch their skills by taking on new production roles. When he is not in charge, Zach always respects the leadership role of whichever student is producer”. – Tom Ringdal BEC-TV