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2019 Upper Midwest Emmy® Recipients

Congratulations 2019 Upper Midwest Emmy® Award Recipients!

If you missed out, head over to our facebook page for a multi-media extravaganza from before, during and after the 20th Annual Upper Midwest Regional Emmy® Gala at the Mystic Center in Prior Lake, MN. Tag yourself or friends in our photos, even upload your shots and be part of Emmy® history. #midwestemmys, #emmyselfie.


One statuette is presented to the main entrant for each winning entry. Others listed on the official entry form in the call for entries are eligible to purchase statuettes engraved with their name/role on entry.  Awards can be ordered through the Upper Midwest Emmy® office.  Those who worked on a project who are not eligible for a statuette can purchase a production certificate or plaque upon verification of their participation.

In accordance with the rules of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), regardless of station or company affiliation, individual recipient(s) retain possession of the Emmy® statuette. Emmy® Awards are presented to individuals, not their employers. Ownership of the statue is retained by the individual, even if an employer pays entry fees. Emmy® statuettes are the property of NATAS and may not be sold or transferred to anyone other than the official recipient.  Click here for official NATAS Emmy® rules for promoting your award and/or nomination.

You can order an additional Emmy® statuette or nomination plaque here.

The 2019 Upper Midwest Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Achievement go to….

1: Overall Excellence
Sheila Oliver, General Manager

2: News Excellence
Stuart Boslow, Director of Content

3: Community Service
Emily’s Hope – A Personal Battle Against The Opioid Crisis – KELO-TV
Angela Kennecke, Producer/Anchor

4: Interactive Media
Denied Justice – StarTribune
Renee Jones-Schneider, Multimedia Photographer/Producer
Anna Boone, Digital Designer
Brandon Stahl, Reporter
Jennifer Bjorhus, Reporter

05A: Newscast – Daytime (Markets 1-75)
KARE 11 Sunrise – KARE-TV
Kristin Kay, Executive Producer
Jordy Foy, Producer
Michelle Ngo, Producer
Kris Laudien, Anchor
Alicia Lewis, Anchor
Ellery McCardle, Reporter
Kiya Edwards, Reporter
Danny Spewak, Reporter
Nate Anderson, Editor
David Vance, Editor
Stuart Boslow, Director of Content
Stacey Nogy, Director of News Content

05B: Newscast – Daytime (Markets 76-120)
WDAY First News: Spring Meets Winter – WDAY-TV
Drew Trafton, Executive Producer
Andy Osterbauer, Producer
Sarah Rudlang, Anchor/Producer
Rob Manch, Anchor/Producer
Bailey Vertin, Reporter/Producer
Ben Rieke, Producer
Emily Olson, Reporter
Andrew Whitmyer, Reporter/Meteorologist
Jared Piepenburg, Meteorologist
Eric Bolin, Director
Ben Amell, Graphics
Jeff Nelson, News Director

05C: Newscast – Daytime (Markets 121+)
Hello Wisconsin May 24th – WEAU-TV
Michelle Clemens, Producer
Abigail Hantke, Anchor
Tyler Mickelson, Reporter
Duane Wolter III, Photographer
Sarah Winkelmann, Reporter
Dewey O’Flanagan, Director
Matt Seckora, Director
Carrie Vigo, Photographer
Lisa Patrow, News Director

Recovering from Tornadoes – KIMT-TV
Tyler Utzka, Anchor
Brandon Libby, Meteorologist
Arielle Harrison, Anchor
DeeDee Stiepan, Reporter
Annalisa Pardo, Reporter
Ben Weber, Director
Nathin Voeller, Director
Ryan Odeen, Producer
Jaime Copley, News Director

06A: Newscast – Evening (Markets 1-75)
Jamie Closs Comes Home – WCCO-TV
Tracy Perlman, Producer
Frank Vascellaro, Anchor
Amelia Santaniello, Anchor
Chris Shaffer, Meteorologist
Jennifer Hibbard, Director
John Lauritsen, Reporter
Jennifer Mayerle, Reporter
Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield, Reporter
Reg Chapman, Reporter
Joe Berglove, Photographer
Arthur Phillips, Photograher/Engineer
Chris Cruz, Photographer

06B: Newscast – Evening (Markets 76-120)
KELOLAND News at 6: March Flash Floods – KELO-TV
Krista Burns, Producer
Sammi Bjelland, Anchor
Don Jorgensen, Anchor
Dan Santella, Reporter
Kelli Volk, Video Journalist
Angela Kennecke, Anchor
Tory Stolen, Photographer
Sarah McDonald, Video Journalist
Kevin Kjergaard, Photographer
Thom Morrow, Photographer
Jay Trobec, Meteorologist
Michael Simundson, Photographer

06C: Newscast – Evening (Markets 121+)
KCAU 9 News at 10:00 3/14/19 – KCAU-TV
Bridget Bennett, Anchor/Reporter/Producer
Tim Seaman, Anchor/Producer
Scott Larson, Meteorologist
Jesse Krull, Sports Anchor
Kayla Samek, Producer
Zach Hicks, Director
Johnathan Mack, Chief Photographer
Rebecca Pryor, Reporter
Andrew Bottger, Assignment Editor

07A: Investigative Report – Single Story
Born Under Suspicion – KSTP-TV
Eric Rasmussen, Investigative Reporter
Ana Lastra, Investigative Producer
Dylan Jacobson, Investigative Photojournalist
Joe Augustine, Investigative Producer
Paul McEnroe, Executive Producer

07B: Investigative Report – Series
Double Billing the Badge – The Patrol Car Payback – KARE-TV
A.J. Lagoe, Producer
Steve Eckert, Producer
Gary Knox, Photographer
Ron Stover, Photographer
Craig Norkus, Photographer

8: Breaking News
KGAN Breaking News: Iowa City Tornado Composite – KGAN-TV
Terry Swails, Meteorologist
Nick Stewart, Storm Chaser/Photojournalist/Meteorologist
Bevan Lucas, Producer
Scott Zimdar, Photojournalist
Rebecca Kopelman, Meteorologist

9: Continuing Coverage
Jayme Closs: Missing & Found – KARE-TV
Stuart Boslow, Director of Content
Stacey Nogy, Director of News Content
Lou Raguse, Producer
Kent Erdahl, Producer
Danny Spewak, Reporter
Julie Nelson, Reporter
Jeremiah Jacobsen, Field Producer

10A: General Assignment Report – Within 24 Hours
Hurricane Florence: Help is on the Way – KARE-TV
Adrienne Broaddus, Reporter
David Peterlinz, Photographer

10B: General Assignment Report – No Time Limit
Bear Attack Survivor – KARE-TV
Lou Raguse, Reporter
Ron Stover, Photographer

11A: Light Feature News Report
Adam & Trey – KARE-TV
Boyd Huppert, Producer
Chad Nelson, Producer

11B: Serious Feature News Report
Eddie’s Sign – KARE-TV
Boyd Huppert, Producer
Chad Nelson, Producer

12A: Crime – News Single Story
A Father’s Anguish – KSTP-TV
Megan Link, Reporter
Paul McEnroe, Producer
Jason Hanson, Editor

12B: Crime – Program Special/Feature/Segment
Whole People: A New Response – Twin Cities PBS
Steve Spencer, Producer
Amanda Reardon, Supervising Producer
Kaolee Vang, Production Manager
Jim Kron, Director of Photography
Terry Gray, Field Audio/Sweetening
Angela Heins, Editor
Ezra Gold, Editor
Jon VanAmber, Graphic Design
Alyssa Fuller, Media Asset Specialist

13A: Arts & Entertainment – News Single Story/Series
Blood Brothers – WCCO-TV
Jennifer Mayerle, Reporter
Aaron Goodyear, Photographer
Sean Skinner, Photographer

13B: Arts & Entertainment – Program Feature/Segment
One Step at a Time – Pioneer Public Television
Dana Conroy, Producer
Ben Dempcy, Videographer/Editor

13C: Arts & Entertainment – Program
Music for Mandela: Minnesota Orchestra in South Africa – Twin Cities PBS
Ashleigh V. Rowe, Producer
Ezra Gold, Editor
Mark Hentges, Director of Photography
Tom Hambleton, Supervising Sound Editor/Re-recording Mixer
Eric Pagel, Field Audio
Brennan Vance, Camera
Ben Malley, Senior Graphics Designer
Anne Guttridge, Production Coordinator
Shari Lamke, Production Manager

14A: Business/Consumer: News – Single Story/Series
Target Price Switch – KARE-TV
Chris Hrapsky, Reporter
Ron Stover, Photographer
David Peterlinz, Photographer

14B: Business/Consumer: Program – Feature Segment
Pollinator Friendly Solar – Pioneer Public Television
Cindy Dorn, Producer
Dylan Curfman, Editor/Videographer
Max Grabow, Videographer
Bret Amundson, Assistant Producer
Lisa Cownie, Voice Artist

15A: Politics/Government – News Single Story/Series
Stay Away Pay – KARE-TV
A.J. Lagoe, Reporter
Steve Eckert, Producer
Gary Knox, Photographer
Jeff Kummer, Producer

15B: Politics/Government – Program Feature/Segment
Kim Reynolds faces the hardest glass ceiling: The race to be Iowa’s next governor – Des Moines Register
Kelsey Kremer, Photojournalist

15C: Politics/Government – Program
Almanac at the Capitol – Twin Cities PBS
Kari Kennedy, Series Producer
Mary Lahammer, Anchor/Reporter
David Gillette, Anchor/Reporter
Scott Trotman, Field Director/Videographer
Nathan Reopelle, Editor
Jerry Lakso, Editor
JoAnn Babic, Director
John Forsberg, Field Audio Engineer
Eric Pagel, Audio Engineer
Brendan Henehan, Executive Producer

16: Children/Teen
Kids Clubhouse Adventures: Sound – Iowa Public Television
Dan Wardell, Creator/Host
Abby Brown, Co-host
Debra Herbold, Executive Producer
Theresa Knight, Producer
Cameron McCoy, Producer
Scott Faine, Puppeteer
David Feingold, Editor
Jim Leasure, Sound
Brent Willett, Graphics
Phil Blobaum, Videographer
Darrin Clouse, Videographer
Rick Fuller, Videographer

17A: Education/Schools – News Single Story/Series
Myron’s Mind – KARE-TV
Boyd Huppert, Producer
Chad Nelson, Producer

17B: Education/Schools – Program Feature/Segment
Becoming Native Scientists – Pioneer Public Television
Dana Conroy, Producer
Ben Dempcy, Editor/Videographer
Kristofor Gieske, Videographer

18A: Health – News Single Story/Series
Posting the Positive: The Chris Chronicles – WDIO-TV
Renee Passal, Reporter
Carl Sauer, Photographer

18B: Health – Program Feature/Segment
Giving Voice Chorus: Love Never Forgets – Twin Cities PBS
Kate McDonald, Producer
Brennan Vance, Photographer/Editor
Robert Hutchings, Photographer
Michael Phillips, Photographer
Mark Hentges, Photographer
Jack Davis, Photographer
Matt Mead, Photographer
Eric Pagel, Field Audio
Terry Gray, Field Audio
Joseph Demko, Post Production Audio
Julie Censullo, Production Manager
Ashleigh V. Rowe, Managing Director Arts & Culture

19A: Science/Environment – News Single Story/Series
Seemore’s Bubble Butt – KARE-TV
Boyd Huppert, Producer
Chad Nelson, Producer
Tom Cornell, Underwater Photographer

19B: Science/Environment – Program Feature/Segment
Bear 56 – Ron Schara Productions
Ron Schara, Host

20A: Historic/Cultural/Nostalgic – News Single Story/Series
Land of 10,000 Stories: John Donaldson – KARE-TV
Boyd Huppert, Producer
Chad Nelson, Producer

20B: Historic/Cultural/Nostalgic – Program Feature/Segment
Greetings From Iowa – Sikh in the Spotlight – Iowa Public Television
Tyler Brinegar, Producer/Videographer/Editor
Darrin Clouse, Videographer
Jim Leasure, Audio Mix
Andrea Coyle, Executive Producer
20C: Historic/Cultural/Nostalgic – Program
Flour Power – Twin Cities PBS
Daniel Pierce Bergin, Producer/Writer/Director
Katie O’Rourke, Associate Producer
Jearlyn Steele, Narrator
Ted Hinck, Production Manager
Jim Kron, Director of Photography
Terry Gray, Field Audio
Eric Pagel, Field Audio
Nathan Reopelle, Editor
Jon VanAmber, Graphic Designer
Joseph Demko, Audio Sweetening
Brendan Henehan, Managing Director

21A: Military – News Single Story/Series
A Final Act of Service – KARE-TV
A.J. Lagoe, Producer
Steve Eckert, Producer
Gary Knox, Photographer
David Peterlinz, Photographer

21B: Military – Program Feature/Segment
Hunting The Alleys – Ron Schara Productions
Bill Sherck, Producer
Pete Hermann-Franzen, Photojournalist

22A: Sports – News Story/Series
The Irv Cross Story – KSTP-TV
Eric Chaloux, Reporter
Lee Zwiefelhofer, Photographer/Editor

22B: Sports – Program Feature/Segment
Dear Kyle – Vikings Entertainment Network
Nate Vaughn, Producer/Editor/Camera Operator
Brett Taber, Producer
Logan Johnson, Producer
Quinn Adams, Producer
Candice Anderson, Producer
Skip Krueger, Producer
Bryan Harper, Executive Producer

22C: Sports – Program Series (Outside of News)
DREAM. STATE. Season 3 – Public Works
Derek Bitter, Executive Producer/Writer
Ian Fritz, Producer/Director
Patrick Reagan, Director of Photography/Editor
Conor Murphy, Director of Photography/Editor
Matt Lundmark, Producer
Anne Anderson, Producer

22D: Sports – One-Time Special
Spotlight: Jack’s Journey – FOX Sports North
Trevor Fleck, Coordinating Producer
Nicole Kunkel, Producer
Tom Hanneman, Host
Ralph Gasow Jr., Photographer
Mike Novak, Photographer
Dan Truebenbach, Photographer

23: Sports Event/Game – Live/Unedited – Program/Series
Hockey Day Minnesota 2019 – Minnesota State vs Bemidji State – FOX Sports North
John Stroh, Producer
Matthew Gangl, Director
Vanessa Lambert, Producer
Tony Tortorici, Executive Producer
Trevor Fleck, Coordinating Producer
Chris Vosters, Play by Play
Kevin Gorg, Analyst
Krissy Pohl, Analyst
Marney Gellner, Reporter
Jim Bothun, Associate Producer
Nicole Kunkel, Editor
Bob Rohde, Operations

24A: Weather – Single Story/Series
Through the Ice – KARE-TV
Rena Sarigianopoulos, Reporter
Ron Stover, Photographer
David Porter, Photographer
Bea Chang, Photographer
Travis Kobs, Photographer
Dan Crowe, Photographer
Rieta Buttaro Mikkelsen, Producer

24B: Weather – Program/Special
Rebuilding Paradise – WDAY-TV
Kevin Wallevand, Producer
Andrew Nelson, Photographer

25A: Documentary – Cultural
The People’s Protectors – Twin Cities PBS
Leya Hale, Director/Producer/Offline Editor
Brent Michael Davids, Composer
Robert Hutchings, Director of Photography/Online Editor
Jonathan Thunder , Animator
Kate Gibson, Production Manager
Joseph Demko, Audio Mixer
Terry Gray, Field Audio
Ben Malley, Graphic Design
Shari Lamke, Executive Producer
Shirley K. Sneve , Executive Producer

25B: Documentary – Historical
Jim Crow of the North – Twin Cities PBS
Daniel Pierce Bergin, Producer/Director
Katie O’Rourke, Associate Producer
Ted Hinck, Production Manager
Robert Hutchings, Director of Photography
Jim Kron, Additional Videography
Carrie Clark, Editor/Animation Design
Joseph Demko, Audio Sweetening
Jon VanAmber, Graphic Designer
Brendan Henehan, Managing Director

25C: Documentary – Topical
Prussia – Click Content Studios
Cody Rogness, Photographer/Editor/Producer
Jim Manney, Executive Producer/Producer
Aaron Godard, Photographer

26: Informational/Instructional
VMC – Ron Schara Productions
Bill Sherck, Producer
Ben Elling, Executive Producer
Eric Parker Andersen, Graphics
Pete Hermann-Franzen, Photojournalist
Kyle Heidenreich, Photojournalist
Lindsey Hayes, Host
Aaron Achtenberg, Photojournalist

27: Interview/Discussion
Close Up: The Gun Debate – KCCI-TV
John Houghton, Photographer/Editor
Shaina Humphries, Anchor
Kimberly Steenhoek, Producer
Julia Manning, Producer
Erin Moynihan, Executive Producer
Robbie Rissman, Photographer
Glen Biermann, Photographer

28: Magazine
Minnesota Original: Author Nora McInerny/Photographer Amy Ballinger and Liquid Music’s Come Through with TU Dance and Bon Iver – Twin Cities PBS
Ashleigh V. Rowe, Executive Producer
Ryan Klabunde, Producer
Brennan Vance, Director of Photography/Editor
Ezra Gold, Senior Editor
Eric Pagel, Field Audio
Joseph Demko, Audio
Ben Malley, Senior Graphics Designer
Mark Hentges, Camera
Jack Davis, Camera
Terry Gray, Field Audio
Lisa Richards, Coordinating Producer

29A: Public/Current/Community Affairs -News Single Story/Series
ALICE: Hidden In Plain Sight – WHO-TV
Randy Schumacher, Photojournalist
Erin Kiernan, Reporter
Eric Gooden, Photojournalist

29B: Public/Current/Community Affairs -Program Feature/Segment
Greetings From Iowa – The Oakdale Community Choir – Iowa Public Television
Tyler Brinegar, Producer/Editor
Darrin Clouse, Videographer
Andrea Coyle, Executive Producer

29C: Public/Current/Community Affairs – Program
KELOLAND News Special Report: Opioid Crisis – KELO-TV
Angela Kennecke, Anchor/Reporter
Anna Peters, Producer
Michael Geheren, Producer
Kevin Kjergaard, Photographer
Tory Stolen, Photographer
Perry Groten, Reporter
Thom Morrow, Photgrapher
Don Jorgensen, Reporter
Brady Mallory, Reporter
Sammi Bjelland, Reporter
Beth Jensen, News Director
Karen Sherman, Digital Content Producer

30: Special Event Coverage (other than News or Sports)
6th Annual Clouds Choir for a Cause 2018 – Atomic K Records
Karl Demer, Producer/Director
Todd Randall, Director of Photography

31: Interstitial
Great American Read – Miniature Books Interstitial – Iowa Public Television
Cameron McCoy, Producer/Videographer
Debra Herbold, Executive Producer
Sarah Lewis, Voice Over Talent

32A: Lifestyle – Feature/Segment/Series
Armless Archer – Ron Schara Productions
Travis Frank, Producer
Kyle Heidenreich, Editor
Josh Bryant, Photographer

32B: Lifestyle – Program/Special
Culinary Artists – Twin Cities PBS
Amy Melin, Senior Producer
Kate McDonald, Producer
Brittany Shrimpton, Producer
Brennan Vance, Director of Photography
Ryan Klabunde, Editor
Slade Kemmet, Editor
Joseph Demko, Post-Production Audio
Ezra Gold, Online Editor
Ashleigh V. Rowe, Managing Director/Arts & Culture

33A: Community/Public Service (PSA) – Single Spot
Lyon County Mattress Recycling Program – Blue Key Media
Dan West, Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor
Mark Rolseth, Co-Director/Cinematographer/Editor

33B: Community/Public Service (PSAs) – Campaign
Classical 15 – Acowsay Cinema
Tyler Eichorst, Director
Alec Kintigh, Cinematographer
Danny Krueger, Producer
Alyse Iorio, Cinematographer
Jenny Olson, Photographer

34A: Promotion: News – Single Spot
Fox 9 Investigators: Excessive Force – KMSP-TV
Justin Lund, Producer
Burke Daneman, Director
David Pint, Writer

34B: Promotion: News – Image
Sunrise Fresh Quotes – KARE-TV
Travis Kobs, Producer/Editor/Graphics/DP
Janeen Vogelaar, Director of Marketing & Creative

34C: Promotion: Program – Single Spot
Transcendence – Vikings Entertainment Network
Bryan Harper, Executive Producer
Ryan Thielen, Producer/Director
Ben Pimlott, Art Director
Spencer Olson, Sound Design/Titles
Jacob Velander, Director of Photography
Max Benson, Prop Maker
Kurt Thielen, Set Design
Annie Gruba, Makeup

35A: Commercial – Single Spot
Downtown Cedar Rapids Sucks – Entertainment – Fusionfarm
Michael Zydzik, Creative Director
Pranav Shrestha, Producer
Margaret Singh, Videographer/Art Director
Seth Smith, Senior Art Director/Animator/Videographer
Kacie Long, Writer – Producer
Shaina Boylan, Producer

35B: Commercial – Campaign
Farmer’s Union Insurance Image Campaign – Video Arts Studios
Jim Kirwan, Writer/Producer
Marty Halgrimson, Director of Photography
Scott Tostenrud, Editor
Anthony Chaput, Co-writer

36A: Director – Live or Recorded Live
2019 Minnesota Twins Baseball – FOX Sports North
Matthew Gangl, Director

36B: Director – Post Production/Short Form
Transcendence – Feat. Danielle Hunter – Triglass Productions
Ryan Thielen, Director

37A: Editor – News
Chad Nelson Composite – KARE-TV

37B: Editor – Sports **TWO RECIPIENTS**
Evolution – Feat. Karl-Anthony Towns – Triglass Productions
Ryan Thielen, Editor

Joe Mauer Timeline Tease – FOX Sports North
Nicole Kunkel, Editor

37C: Editor – Program (Non-News)
Young musicians find harmony on shores of Lake Vermillion – StarTribune
Mark Vancleave, Editor

38: Graphic Arts – Graphics/Animation
SkoLOL Animation Composite – Vikings Entertainment Network
GH Ridpath, Graphics
Glenn Gracia, Animator

39A: Writer – News
Eric Hanson’s This is Iowa – KCCI-TV
Eric Hanson, Writer

39B: Writer – Program (Non-News)
Midco Sports Magazine: No Nonsense – Midco Sports Network
David Brown, Writer

40: News Producer
Michael Geheren Composite – KELO-TV

41A: Talent – Anchor – News
Jana Shortal – KARE-TV

41B: Talent – Anchor – Weather
Lisa Meadows Composite – WCCO-TV

41C: Talent – Anchor – Sports
Keith Murphy – Sports Anchor – WHO-TV

41D: Talent – Program Host/Moderator
Bill Sherck Host – Ron Schara Productions

41E: Talent – Reporter
Eric Rasmussen Reports – KSTP-TV

41F: Talent – Play-by-Play/Analyst
Jim Petersen: Wolves Analyst – FOX Sports North

42A: Photographer – News
Tommy Platek Composite – Town Square Television

42B: Photographer – Sports
The Harvest of Our Success – Adrenaline Sports
Nate Burdine, Director of Photography
Brad Dumke, Photojournalist

42C: Photographer – Program (Non-News)
LUMINARY Storyteller Series – Luminary Creative
Jacob Moyer, Photographer

42D: Photographer – Video Essay (Single Camera Only)
His Favorite Venture – KARE-TV
Devin Krinke, Photojournalist

43A: Video Journalist – Within 24 hours
Heidi’s Solo Stories – KARE-TV
Heidi Wigdahl, Multimedia Journalist

43B: Video Journalist – No Time Limit
Take KARE of Your Money Composite – KARE-TV
Gordon Severson, Reporter/Photographer/Editor/Writer