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2019 Classroom Grant Recipients

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences – Upper Midwest Foundation is presenting Classroom Grants to help make students’ academic achievement dreams come true.  The purpose of classroom grants is to enhance the learning experience of media students in our chapter region’s high schools and/or 501(c)(3) educational organizations by acquiring and distributing resources related to video production, television, and/or broadcast journalism.

Since 2017, the Upper Midwest Emmy® Chapter/Foundation has provided 5 grants totaling nearly $9,000 to local schools for media equipment in their classrooms.


The following schools will be recognized at the 2019 Upper Midwest Emmy® Chapter/Foundation Student Production Awards on Friday April 12th at the Crowne Plaza AiRE MSP Airport/Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.

PELICAN RAPIDS HIGH SCHOOL (MN) – (Grant for Editing Software)

Pelican Rapids High School is in rural Minnesota. Its video media program The Viking News Network is in its first year. Students are just learning the ins and outs of video production using mainly free software. Pelican Rapids has a large minority population. Ethnically, 42 percent of the student body comes from somewhere else in the world, with the majority here as immigrants or refugees. Many students come from Vietnam, Somalia, Bosnia, and Mexico primarily. In addition, Pelican Rapids High School has a high free or reduced lunch rate with 46 percent of students being considered as economically disadvantaged. 

The money from this classroom grant will fund Final Cut editing software, so students can produce stories for the school’s monthly newscast, Viking News Network. 

Devils Lake High School (ND)

DEVILS LAKE HIGH SCHOOL (ND) –(Grant for hand-held cameras)

Devils Lake is a small rural high school in North Dakota with about 500 students. TV productions class began in 1997-1998. DLHS was the first ND high school to broadcast live and taped programming from the class on local cable TV!  The school has its own channel called Firebird Vision 472. Close to 50% of the student body qualifies for free and reduced lunch.   DLHS has a high poverty statistic at the school. The school also has 34% of its students who are Native American.

The school received and Upper Midwest Emmy® Classroom grant last year to start its camera upgrade. The media program does not have a budget and all equipment is acquired through grants. With this 2019 Emmy® grant for YI 4K Action and Sports cameras, very similar to GoPros, the students will be able to achieve the goals of the class- Language Arts and Technology ND State Standards and Benchmarks.

The goals of the Upper Midwest Emmy® Chapter/Foundation grant program:

  • To provide financial grants to Upper Midwest Emmy® Chapter/Foundation area high schools and/or 501(c)(3) educational organizations seeking to make significant changes in how teachers teach and students learn in the areas of video production, television, and/or broadcast journalism.
  • Fund media projects that are student-focused and positively affect student learning.

For more information on the Upper Midwest Emmy® Foundation grants, contact our office at or call 952-381-7494