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2018 College Student Awards Nominees!

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences – Upper Midwest Chapter/Foundation is proud to announce its college  nominees for the 2018 Upper Midwest Regional Student Production Awards!

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2018 NATAS – Upper Midwest Regional Student Television Awards! Join us on Friday April 13th, 2018 at the Crowne Plaza AiRE MSP Airport/Mall of America for the 2018 NATAS – Upper Midwest Student Television Awards!  This ceremony recognizes excellence in media production for high School & college/university students within the NATAS – Upper Midwest region. (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa & western Wisconsin.)


Early Bird College Rate (3/12 – 3/19): $30 per-person (including nominees)
Regular College Rate (3/20 – 4/05): $40 per-person (including nominees)

Student Production Crystal Pillar Award
Student Crystal Pillar Award

OFFICIAL NATIONAL NATAS RULES FOR STUDENT AWARD PROMOTION: Students are not considered peer professionals and as such, their regional student productions are NOT eligible to be promoted as a Regional Emmy® award recognition.  Students may refer to being nominated for Student Crystal Pillar Award from the Upper Midwest Emmy® Chapter  or NATAS – Upper Midwest Student Production Award Nominee.  Students and schools may not use the Emmy® name or replica of the Emmy® figure in any form of school publications, commercial advertising and promotion.  Crystal Pillar Awards are presented to recipient schools for promotional purposes.  Students listed on official entry are eligible to purchase awards.

Display your Student Production Award Nomination with an official Upper Midwest Emmy® Chapter/Foundation certificate.

Student Production Nomination Certificate. ($5)

PLEASE CHECK nomination information.  If an entry or person’s name is commonly mispronounced, please send us the correct pronunciation by March 19th, so our announcers get names right. There is a $15 fee for corrections.  Email changes to 

The 2018 College Student Production Award Nominees are… (Nominations are listed in alphabetical order according to entry title)

College – Newscast

Campus News – April 29th, 2017 – Minnesota State University – Moorhead

  • Haley Foster, Producer
  • Betsy Harmsen, Associate Producer
  • Sara Erickson, Associate Producer
  • Levi Lass, Associate Producer
  • Tanner Robinson, Associate Producer
  • Emma Vatnsdal, Associate Producer
  • Aaron Quanbeck, Advisor

Cedar Valley Today – March 24th, 2017 – KightVision/Wartburg College

  • Robert Newell, Station Manager
  • Ronald Johnson, Advisor

LCTV News – Loras College

  • Allison Wong, Producer/Anchor
  • Ben Freidman, Anchor/Reporter
  • Payton Van Vors, Producer/Director
  • Kelly Kuboushek, Associate Producer/Reporter
  • Sarah Mueller, Associate Producer
  • Kaitlyn LeGrange, Sports Shorts Producer
  • Sami Graff, Sports Shorts Anchor/Reporter
  • Allie Kaleta, Reporter
  • LCTV News Staff & Studio Crew
  • Craig Schaefer, Advisor

This Week on Campus #8 – Western Iowa Tech Community College

  • Cynthia Monroy, Host
  • Taylor Holmes, Director
  • Jonathan Rouse, Technical Director
  • Alex Ochoa, Audio Engineer
  • Jordan Beeman, Photographer
  • Zach Malenosky, Photographer
  • Joe Brooks, Graphics
  • Chris Mansfield, Advisor

UTVS News – St. Cloud State University

  • Piper Shaw, News Director
  • Spencer Schacht, News Director
  • Tonya Nyberg, Producer
  • Kyle Fahrmann, Producer
  • Jenna Kingsley, Producer
  • Derrick Silvestri, Advisor

College – News:  General Assignment – Serious News

St. Thomas partners with PBS Under Told Stories Project – TommieMedia/University of St. Thomas

  • Simeon Lancaster, Producer
  • Greg Vandegrift, Advisor

Standing with Standing Rock – Campus News/Minnesota State University – Moorhead

  • Adam Pope, Reporter
  • Ben Rieke, Photographer
  • Aaron Quanbeck, Advisor

Women’s March in Fargo – Campus News/Minnesota State University – Moorhead

  • Betsy Harmsen, Reporter/Photographer
  • Aaron Quanbeck, Advisor

College – News: General Assignment – Light News

Honor Flight – UTVS/St. Cloud State University

  • Piper Shaw, Reporter
  • Derrick Silvestri, Advisor

 Into the Booming Grounds – Central Lakes College

  • Sarah Nelson, Director/Writer/Videographer/Editor
  • Mark Ambroz, Advisor

Johnnie Bennie Campus News at Up ‘Til Dawn – Johnnie Bennie Media/College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University

  • Josie Thelen , Reporter
  • Emily Webster , Executive Producer
  • Ethan Wittrock, Advisor

Laundry Love – UTVS/St. Cloud State University

  • Spencer Schacht, Reporter
  • Derrick Silvestri, Advisor

Local Veterans Helping Veterans – Knight Vision/Wartburg College

  • Calyn Thompson, Anchor
  • Ronald Johnson, Advisor

Professor’s Vinyl Collection – Campus News/Minnesota State University – Moorhead

  • Emma Vatnsdal, Reporter
  • Aaron Quanbeck, Advisor

Sophomore creates community across campus – TommieMedia/University of St. Thomas

  • Lauren Andrego, Reporter
  • Greg Vandegrift, Advisor

The Mark of a Generation – Campus News/Minnesota State University – Moorhead

  • Haley Foster, Reporter
  • Aaron Quanbeck, Advisor

College – Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs

28th Annual Woodlands and High Plains PowWow – Campus News/Minnesota State University – Moorhead

  • Levi Lass, Reporter
  • Aaron Quanbeck, Advisor

Great River Arts – Central Lakes College/Central Lakes College

  • Nicholas Koester, Producer/Director/Writer/Videographer/Editor
  • Mark Ambroz, Advisor

St. Thomas uses Arrupe College as model for two-year program – TommieMedia/University of St. Thomas

  • Lauren Andrego, Reporter
  • Mary Brickner, Reporter
  • Greg Vandegrift, Advisor

College – Music Video

Badinovs – Century College

  • Dain Rodriguez-Hines, Editor/Photographer
  • Grant Newkirk, Director/Editor
  • Mee Moua, Producer/Director
  • Shon Rought, Photographer/Editor
  • Mike Eddy, Advisor

Oh Lord – Loras College

  • Emilie Dalsing, Producer/Videographer/Editor
  • Jon Quinn, Producer/Videographer/Editor
  • Andrew Kilburg, Producer/Editor/Actor
  • Craig Schaefer, Advisor

Skeletons – University of Northwestern, St. Paul

  • Ryan Hall, Director
  • Tyler Patten, Director of Photography
  • Zoe Cramer, Producer
  • Aaron DeVall, Editor
  • Mark Myers, Production Assistant
  • Sam Bostrom, Cinematographer
  • Alex Zwart, Cinematographer
  • Jordan Pohl, Writer/SongWriter
  • Ann Sorenson, Advisor

Story – University of Northwestern, St. Paul

  • Samara Ehlke, Director/DP/Editor
  • Kourtney White, Producer
  • Samuel Pederson, Composer
  • Ann Sorenson, Advisor 

Wash County Sheriff Lip Sync – Music Video – Century College

  • Ian Felix , Editor/Photographer
  • Benjamin Bauer, Producer/Editor
  • Blake Betland, Photographer
  • Dain Rodriguez-Hines, Photographer
  • David Powers, Photographer/Editor
  • Jack Kompelien, Photographer
  • Mario Castillo, Photographer
  • Mee Moua, Photographer
  • Mitchell Smisek, Editor
  • Seth Zabel, Photographer
  • Tiffany Vang, Photographer/Editor
  • Ted Kermes, Producer
  • Mike Eddy, Advisor

College – Fiction

Invisible: Pilot Episode – University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

  • Ryan O’Neill, Executive Producer
  • Mark Neuman-Scott, Advisor

Monday Train – Augsburg University

  • Emily James, Writer/Director
  • Jila Nikpay, Advisor

One Fourth – University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

  • Kayleigh Phillips, Producer
  • Mark Neuman-Scott, Advisor

Promotion – Hennepin Technical College

  • Charles Ombati, Director
  • Colton Letellier, Director of Photography
  • Austin Sandquist, Production Assistant
  • Cameron Ruff-Freiberg, Actor
  • Yang Vang, Production Assistant
  • David Parast, Assistant Director
  • Harrison Reeder, Advisor

Rhodes – University of Northwestern, St. Paul

  • Samara Ehlke, Writer/Director/Editor
  • Micah Haworth, Director of Photography
  • Zach Strahan, Composer
  • Ann Sorenson, Advisor

The Way Out – Dordt College

  • Kyle Fossé, Writer/Producer/Director/Editor
  • Mark Volkers, Advisor

College – Non-Fiction

Con Life – Century College

  • Louis Pei , Producer/Director/Photographer/Editor
  • Mike Eddy, Advisor

Dubuque’s Holding – Loras College

  • Allison Wong, Producer/Videographer/Editor
  • Charlie Grant , Producer/Videographer/Editor
  • Craig Schaefer, Advisor

Hidden in the Heartland – Knight Vision/Wartburg College

  • Kristina Aleksander, Videographer
  • Ellyn Felton, Writer
  • Megan Hoing, Project Manager
  • Hannah Hilgenkamp, Editor
  • Brett Schwickerath, Graphic Design
  • Abigail Mahoney , Web Designer
  • Ronald Johnson, Advisor

Like A Girl – University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

  • Eden Palmer, Director
  • Mark Neuman-Scott, Advisor

Luen Hai: Decoding the Connection – Extending the Link/College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University

  • Malia Carson, Producer/Director
  • Erin Beacom, Producer/Director
  • Grace Lindquist, Current Director
  • Brennan Lafeber, Current Director
  • George Dornbach, Videographer/Editor
  • Elizabeth Flaherty, Videographer/Editor
  • Marin Jaszewski, Videographer/Editor
  • Jeffrey Johnson, Videographer/Editor
  • Paul Marsnik, Advisor
  • Ethan Wittrock, Production Advisor

SSQTCH Creative Presents: Saint John’s Maple Syrup – College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University

  • Ian Fritz, Producer/Director
  • Conor Murphy, Producer/Director
  • Simon-Hòa Phan, Advisor/Professor

College – Sports

Family, faith shape past decade for Caruso – TommieMedia/University of St. Thomas

  • Carolyn Meyer, Reporter
  • Greg Vandegrift, Advisor
  • Peter Gregg, Advisor

My Therapy, Clara Krenz – UTVS/St. Cloud State University

  • Joseph Scarrella, Producer
  • Madison Golden, Producer
  • Derrick Silvestri, Advisor

Off the Court Connection – Campus News/Minnesota State University – Moorhead

  • Tanner Robinson, Reporter
  • Aaron Quanbeck, Advisor

Relentless – The Joe Hallock Story – Campus News/Minnesota State University – Moorhead

  • Tyler Ziegler, Reporter
  • Aaron Quanbeck, Advisor

Ryan Poehling Draft – Husky Productions/St. Cloud State University

  • Katie Emmer, Reporter
  • Brian Stanley, Advisor

College – Sports: Program/Series

Husky Mag – UTVS/St. Cloud State University

  • Alexis Pearson, Producer
  • Joseph Scarrella, Producer
  • Madison Golden, Producer
  • Derrick Silvestri, Advisor

SportsZONE – LCTV/Loras College

  • Allie Kaleta, Producer/Anchor
  • Dimitri Villanueva, Anchor/Reporter
  • Sami Graff, Associate Producer/Reporter
  • Jeremy Vallin, Director/Associate Producer/Reporter
  • SportsZONE Staff & Studio Crew
  • Craig Schaefer, Advisor

College – Sports: Live Event

Maverick Hockey Weekend – MSU vs NMU – Bethany Lutheran College

  • Sam Shubert, Producer
  • Kenny Ramirez, Director
  • Tyler Voigt, Graphic Designer
  • Hayes Schneider, Graphics Operator/Animator
  • Sarah Meilner, Associate Producer/Video Board Producer
  • Eric Westphal, Main Replay Operator
  • Greg Vandermause, Advisor

SCSU Men’s Hockey vs Colorado College – Husky Productions/St. Cloud State University

  • Sarah Paulus, Producer
  • Greg Spaeth, Director
  • Jeremy Lagos, Associate Producer
  • Brian Stanley, Advisor

StreamTeam Men’s Basketball – Saint John’s vs. Hamline – Johnnie Bennie Media/College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University

  • Michael Frye, Executive Producer
  • Erin Queme, Director
  • Reibel Ramirez, Assistant Director
  • Gabrielle Harvey, Photographer
  • Salvador Garcia, Photographer
  • Alexander Huerta, Photographer
  • Joshua Akkerman, Mentor
  • Ethan Wittrock, Advisor

William Penn Football Live vs Grand View – William Penn University

  • Dino Landucci IV, Producer/Director/Graphics
  • Alyssa Kerry, Producer/Technical Director/Graphics
  • Markesha Yarbrough, Media/Replay Operator
  • Jimmy Ott, Technical Director/Photographer
  • Cheyenne Jaquez, Photographer/Replay Operator
  • Mason Shrader, Photographer/Replay Operator
  • Wade Votroubek, Photographer
  • Jared Buckallew, Photographer
  • Jennifer Hugins, Photographer
  • Doug Hoskins, Faculty Advisor
  • Adam Chown, Faculty Advisor

College – Public Service (PSAs)

An impact on the road will Impact the home – Hennepin Technical College

  • Colton Letellier, Director
  • Christi Chanthalangsy, Audio Technician
  • Tyler Cashman, Writer
  • Ian Nordbo, Actor
  • Austin Sandquist, Production Assistant
  • Richard Oxley, Advisor

Face of the Crash – MN State Patrol/Century College

  • Louis Pei, Producer/Director/Editor
  • Shelly Dominik, Makeup/Hand Choreography
  • Tyler Matthes, Hand Choreography/Lighting
  • Vongsone Her, Hand Choreography/Lighting
  • Tuazeng Vang, Lighting
  • Mike Eddy, Advisor

Four Seconds – MN State Patrol/Century College

  • Tyler Matthes, Director/Editor
  • Shelly Dominik, Producer
  • Dan Corcoran, Photographer
  • Mike Eddy, Advisor

Stop Tempting Fate – Your Snap Can Wait! – Hennepin Technical College

  • Charles O, Director
  • Luke Leisner, Audio Technician
  • Konner Sanghera, Director of Photography
  • Leah Fischer, Writer
  • Corey Arntson, Production Assistant
  • Richard Oxley, Advisor

College – Public Affairs/Community Service

*** No Entries submitted***

College – Commercial

BVTV: By Beavers, For Beavers Spots – BVTV/Buena Vista University

  • Morgan McGrew, Student
  • Jerry Johnson, Advisor

Lantern Light Festival – Hennepin Technical College

  • Charles Ombati, Editor
  • Kristen Stoeckeler, Videographer
  • David Parast, Videographer
  • Damien Walberg, Videographer
  • Ian Nordbo, Videographer
  • Corey Arntson, Videographer
  • Richard Oxley, Advisor

MTTIA: Come to Brainerd – Minnesota Teachers of Transportation & Industrial Areas/Central Lakes College

  • Orlin Peterson, Photographer
  • Megan Schmidt, Producer
  • Emily Skelton, Editor
  • Christian Ganz, Director
  • Mitch Anderson, Photographer
  • Brandon Wetherbee, Editor
  • Nick Groshong, Photographer
  • David Mumbleau, Photographer
  • Mark Ambroz, Advisor

Welcome Home: Mercy Birthplace – Drake University

  • Sam Fathallah, Director/Photographer/Editor
  • Todd Evans, Advisor

College – Animation/Graphics/Special Effects

Burnt – Hennepin Technical College

  • Isiah Taylor, Animator
  • John McCaffrey, Advisor

Dyslexia: Vibrant Diversity – Drake University

  • Anna Steenson, Animator
  • Todd Evans, Advisor

Gross Goblin – Hennepin Technical College

  • Ethan Pike-Nobile, Animator
  • John McCaffrey, Advisor

HTC City – Hennepin Technical College/Hennepin Technical College

  • Charles Ombati, Animator
  • Dylan Salber, Animator
  • Christi Chanthalangsy, Animator
  • Camden Folsom, Animator
  • Kelly Jones, Animator
  • Todd Randall, Advisor

Missing – Hennepin Technical College/Hennepin Technical College

  • Justin Ramey, Animator
  • Tyler Cashman, Animator
  • Chaeli Ansley, Animator
  • Rebekah Herdklotz, Animator
  • John McCaffrey, Advisor

College – Director

A Spectrum of Faith – Documentary – Community Press/Drake University

  • Anna Steenson, Director
  • Todd Evans, Advisor

Backstage Pass with Kevin Andrews – TommieMedia/University of St. Thomas

  • Lauren Andrego, Director
  • Peter Gregg, Advisor

College – Editor

‘Twas the Skate Before Christmas – Maverick Hockey Weekend/Bethany Lutheran College

  • Megan Westphal, Editor

Mitchell Baubonis Composite – University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Tease 11-17-17 – Husky Productions/St. Cloud State University

  • Calvin Barker, Editor

College – Photographer

Great Streets Kick-off Party – LCTV/Loras College

  • Brody Kuhar, Photographer

Jared Eischen Composite – Campus News/Minnesota State University – Moorhead

College – Talent

Katie Emmer Composite- UTVS/St. Cloud State University

Piper Shaw Composite – UTVS/St. Cloud State University

College – Video Essay (Single Photographer Only)

The Will Steger Wilderness Center – ThreeSixty Journalism/University of St. Thomas

  • Deborah Honore, Videojournalist
  • Bao Vang, Advisor

College – Writing

Tanner Robinson Composite – Campus News/Minnesota State University – Moorhead

Tyler Ziegler Composite – Campus News/Minnesota State University – Moorhead