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2017 High School Student Production Awards

Congratulations to the high school recipients in the 2017 NATAS-Upper Midwest Student Production Awards!  Recipients were announced at a ceremony on Friday March 31st, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza AiRE – MSP/MOA Hotel.

This year, the NATAS – Upper Midwest Chapter received more than 200 entries from 40 high schools and colleges/universities from across our region.

Sean Lewis – WGN TV (Chicago)
Carla Beaurline – Around Town Media, LLC Twin Cities

Sean Lewis from WGN-TV in Chicago and Carla Beaurline from Around Town Television in the Twin Cities hosted the award ceremony and presented Crystal Pillars to recipients.  The awards are presented to the schools for promotional purposes to encourage students to pursue the media arts.    Any student whose name is on the recipient entry form is eligible to purchase a duplicate Crystal Pillar Award.  We also offer nomination certificates and plaques for students listed on nominated entries.

HIGH SCHOOL Student Crystal Pillar order form

Student Nomination certificate order form

Student Production Crystal Pillar Award
Student Production Crystal Pillar Award

OFFICIAL NATIONAL NATAS RULES FOR STUDENT AWARD PROMOTION: The Student Production Award Crystal Pillar awards are not Emmy® Awards and can not be promoted as such.   High school & college/university students may promoted they are recipients of a NATAS – Upper Midwest Student Production Award.  OR, may say they received a Student Production Crystal Pillar Award from the Upper Midwest Emmy® Chapter/Foundation.   Students are not considered peer professionals and as such, their regional student productions are not eligible for Emmy® award recognition. Schools/students may not use the Emmy® name or replica of the Emmy® figure in any form of school publications, commercial advertising and promotion.

The NATAS – Upper Midwest Chapter/Foundation

2017 High School Student Television Award Recipients are… 

H-01: High School – Newscast


EaglEye #151 Nov 17/2016 – Apple Valley High School

  • EaglEye Crew
  • Cliff Dodge, Advisor
  • Andrew McCluskey, Advisor

Raider Nation News – November/2016 – Lake Park Audubon High School

  • Savanah Schindler, Anchor
  • William James III, Anchor
  • Mitchell Hall, Reporter
  • Cassidy Holmstrom, Reporter
  • Elsa Larson, Reporter
  • Sheena Meachem, Reporter
  • Molly Dickelman, Reporter
  • Erin Grabinger, Director
  • Elise Whitehead, Sound
  • Jenna Braseth, Graphics
  • Rileigh Leininger, Studio Manager
  • Laureen Svobodny/Kathryn Anderson, Advisors

H-02: High School – News: General Assignment – Serious News

One of Ours: Jack Forrey – Apple Valley High School

  • Maddi Bahm, Talent/Writer
  • Micah Nelson, Photographer/Editor
  • Shannon Kelly, Editor/Writer
  • Andrew McCluskey, Advisor
  • Cliff Dodge, Advisor

H-03: High School – News: General Assignment – Light News


Boundary Waters Canoe Area Class Trip Story – Eden Prairie High School

  • Cole Pixley, Reporter/Editor
  • Rolf Olson, Advisor
  • Perry Kennedy, Advisor

iPads become tools – Eastview High School

  • Jack Kohaut, Reporter
  • Bailey Strasser, Photographer

H-04: High School – Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs

Dominican Republic Mission Trip – Burnsville High School

  • Scott Tinkham, Producer
  • Tyler Krebs, Advisor

H-05: High School – Music Video

Good To Be A Senior! – Lake Park Audubon High School

  • Jake Sherbrooke, Editor
  • Paul Jenson, Editor
  • Hunter Christianson, Editor
  • Laureen Svobodny/Kathryn Anderson, Advisors 

H-06: High School – Fiction


Imagination – Central Campus – Des Moines Area Schools

  • Izzy Schrock, Director
  • Tim Coleman, Advisor

Lost – Bemidji High School

  • Jarrett Hastig, Editor/Producer/Writer/Director
  • Casey Johnson, Actress
  • Bryan Hammit, Advisor

The Mystery of the Lost Cookies – Lake Park Audubon High School

  • William James III, Editor
  • Elise Whitehead, Writer
  • Michael Donovan, Photographer
  • Laureen Svobodny/Kathryn Anderson, Advisors

H-07: High School – Non-Fiction


Jerrad – Burnsville High School

  • Scott Tinkham, Producer
  • Jerrad Solberg, Actor
  • Tyler Krebs, Advisor

The Luc Show – Bemidji High School

  • Luc Berard, Producer/Photographer/Editor
  • Bryan Hammitt, Advisor

H-08: High School – Sports

Bemidji Boys Basketball 2016-2017 – Bemidji High School

  • Cody Roder, Editor
  • Jace Peterson, Editor
  • Nick Harrom, Filmer

H-09: High School – Sports Program/Series

No Nominations or awards

H-10: High School – Sports: Live Event

Webster City vs Humboldt Wrestling – Webster City High School

  • Erin Bahrenfuss, Student Director
  • Tyler Geopfert, Student Director
  • Luke Bergeson, Camera Operator
  • John Brandt, Camera Operator
  • Jacob Nilles, Camera Operator
  • Jacqueline Faust, Advisor
  • Mark J. Murphy, Advisor

H-11: High School – Public Service (PSAs)


Don’t Text and Drive – Central Campus – Des Moines Area Schools

  • Finnegan Pilcher, Director
  • Tim Coleman, Advisor

YAC Voting PSA – St. Paul Neighborhood Network

  • Imani Moore, Producer
  • Halimo Ali Hashi, Producer
  • Theng Pao Thao, Producer
  • David Vo, Producer
  • Caleem Williams, Producer

H-12: High School – Public Affairs/Community Service


Identity Project – Lake Park Audubon High School

  • Tatum Polman, Writer
  • Alisha Ware, Editor
  • Laureen Svobodny/Kathryn Anderson, Advisors

Voter Turnout – Eastview High School

  • Alex Baker, Reporter
  • Dan Lekah, Editor

H-13: High School – Commercial

Canes Pro Shop Commercial – Hayward High School

  • Gabe Luedke, Director/Photographer/Editor
  • Adam Lamoureux, Advisor

H-14: High School – Animation/Graphics/Special Effects

I’m Happy – CTV North Suburbs

  • Jim Belden, Animator
  • Elli Bernhagen, Animator
  • Eric Bernhagen, Animator
  • Amelie Elmquist, Animator
  • Arthur Larson-Burda, Animator
  • Alaina Sandau, Animator
  • Martin Wilkens, Animator
  • Jordan Lee Thompson, Advisor
  • Sarah Olander, Advisor

H-15: High School – Director

No Nominations or awards

H-16: High School – Editor

Jack Kohaut Composite – Eastview High School

  • Jack Kohaut, Editor
  • Nick Fornicoia, Advisor

H-17: High School – Photographer

No Nominations or awards

H-18: High School – Talent

Matt Kolan Composite – Apple Valley High School

  • Matt Kotlan, Talent
  • Cliff Dodge, Advisor
  • Andrew McCluskey, Advisor

H-19: High School – Video Essay (Single Camera Only)

Trainer Connects with Athletes – Eastview High School

  • Kevin Gunawan, Videographer
  • Ben Sammon, Editor

H-20: High School – Writing

Matt Kotlan Composite – Apple Valley High School

  • Matt Kotlan, Writer
  • Cliff Dodge, Advisor
  • Andrew McCluskey, Advisor