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2017 Student AV All Star Honorees

THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF TELEVISION ARTS & SCIENCES – UPPER MIDWEST CHAPTER/FOUNDATION will recognize students who are an incredible technical asset to the overall success of a school or non-profit educational student video media program.

Educators could nominate one student from their school or organization’s media program. Students can be Juniors or Seniors and should be behind-the-scenes production personnel.

Recipients will be honored with certificates of recognition at the 2017 Upper Midwest Emmy® Chapter/Foundation Student Production Awards on Friday March 31st at the Crowne Plaza AiRE MSP Airport/Mall of America in Bloomington, MN.


Sha Paw – LEAP High School

SHA PAW/LEAP HIGH SCHOOL: LEAP is an Area Learning Center high school for English Language Learners in the Saint Paul Public Schools system. Students are all new-to-the-country immigrants and refugees, and Sha Paw’s hard work is a constant reminder of the amazing resources that our newest immigrants bring to our schools and to our country. Sha’s teacher says Paw “has a natural aptitude not only for the technical aspects of the work, from pre-production brainstorming to organizing, shooting, editing and getting the news in the can, but she sees what needs to be done and takes the initiative to do it. She is not afraid to try new things, or to experiment with what she has learned.”

Jake Sherbrooke – Lake Park-Audubon High School

JAKE SHERBROOKE/LAKE PARK-AUDUBON HIGH SCHOOL: Jake is a Jack of all trades. He directed broadcasts on production days, was the lead editor and photographer for every episode as well as his own stories. He produced and directed live, on-line sports coverage of our girls basketball team and learned Wirecast inside and out, handling everything from set-up to tear-down.

Dane McDevitt – Eastview High School

DANE McDEVITT/EASTVIEW HIGH SCHOOL: Dane is the Studio Engineer for both of the school’s broadcast journalism shows: The Flash and The 4Cast.  McDevitt makes sure all equipment is working properly on a daily basis. He also helps design and coordinate special set ups like remote broadcasts or camera set ups in a new location. Dane is the school’s go to student for all technical needs.


Cassandra Shields – Hennepin Technical College

CASSANDRA SHIELDS/HENNEPIN TECHNICAL COLLEGE: Cassandra has mastered all aspects of video production, from a 4K DSLR camera to the audio board. Cassandra could probably teach one of our production courses. Her editing skills are exceptional. She uses Avid at her workplace and Adobe Premier Pro here in the labs. There is no piece of software she will not try. Her results are remarkable and last year she won NATAS “Best Director” Crystal Pillar Award for her work on a music video by local artist Michael Shynes. Recently, she produced an advanced production lab music video for local recording artist “Seed”. She leads by example and other students are inspired by her technical skills.

Elena Kraus-Taddeo – University of Northern Iowa

ELENA KRAUS-TADDEO/UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN IOWA: Elena is part of the Audio and Visual department. Her responsibilities include communicating with clients, setting up for filming broadcasts (lectures, graduation, etc) and editing videos which includes a season review for the Women’s Division 1 Volleyball team and documentaries, one that will be on exhibit at the St. Louis Museum. She is also involved with writing, filming and editing a short miniseries documenting the UNI Men’s Basketball team called The Panther Peek as the basketball team’s student videographer. It has been picked up by ESPN and will be available on their ESNP3 online platform. Behind-the-scenes practices, interviews and post-game locker room speeches are the main content within these featurettes.

Lucas Wendland – Wartburg College

LUCAS WENDLAND/WARTBURG COLLEGE: Lucas is a student engineer for Knight Vision live streaming organization. His responsibilities include setting up and tearing down of cameras and equipment for events. Training student co-workers on use of cameras, graphics, switcher and other video broadcast related equipment. Trouble shooting technical issues prior to and during productions. Lucas has also been a technical director for morning newscast. Outside of news and sports he helps to lead the live streaming portion of our campus chapel both running the camera himself and training other students on one camera operation.