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2015 College/University Student Production Award Recipients

Congratulations to the college/university recipients in the 2015 NATAS-Upper Midwest Regional Student Production Awards!  Recipients were announced at a ceremony on Sunday April 12th, 2015 at the Radisson Blu Hotel at the Mall of America.

This year, the NATAS – Upper Midwest Chapter received more than 260 entries from 40 different high schools and colleges/universities from across our region!

gillette_headshot_TPT_webDavid Gillette from Twin Cities Public Television hosted the award ceremony and presented Crystal Pillars to the recipients.  The awards are presented to the schools for promotional purposes to encourage students to pursue the media arts.    Any student whose name is on the recipient entry form is eligible to purchase a duplicate Crystal Pillar Award.  We also offer nomination certificates and plaques for students listed on nominated entries.

Student Crystal Pillar order form

Student Nomination Plaque order form

Student Nomination certificate order form

Student Production Crystal Pillar Award
Student Production Crystal Pillar Award

OFFICIAL NATIONAL NATAS RULES FOR STUDENT AWARD PROMOTION: High school & college/university students may refer to the fact that they are recipients of a NATAS – Upper Midwest Regional Student Production Award.  OR, they may say they received a Student Production Crystal Pillar Award from the Upper Midwest Emmy® Chapter/Foundation.   Students are not considered peer professionals and as such, their regional student productions are not eligible for Emmy® award recognition. Schools/students may not use the Emmy® name or replica of the Emmy® figure in any form of school publications, commercial advertising and promotion.


C-01: College – Newscast

UTVS News en Español – St. Cloud State University

  • Emilio Ramos DeJesus, Producer

C-02: College – News: General Assignment – Serious News


Creating a Safe Environment – UTVS – St. Cloud State University

  • Karsen Forsman, Reporter

Driving in Fear – UTVS – St. Cloud State University

  • Emilio Ramos DeJesus, Reporter

C-03: College – News: General Assignment – Light News


Cuyuna Mountain Bike Trails – Central Lakes College

  • Riley Nelson, Reporter/Writer/Editor
  • Brandon Brown, Video Journalist

Honor Flight Twin Cities – UTVS – St. Cloud State University

  • Emilio Ramos DeJesus, Producer
  • Mike Wiener, Videographer

C-04: College – Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs

Capturing History – Recreating a Civil War Photograph – Hennepin Technical College

  • Ryan Hall, Editor
  • Jason Ewert, Producer
  • Tong Lee, Videographer
  • Richard Oxley, Advisor

C-05: College – Music Video

Tyger & Lamb – Dordt College

  • Megan Kaiser, Producer/Editor
  • Daryl Bruinsma, Cinematographer/Editor
  • Jerusha Pimentel, Musician/Actress
  • Eric Geels, Actor
  • Natalee Drissell, Actress

C-06: College – Fiction

Fort Firerock – University of Northwestern, St. Paul

  • Jared Myers, Director/Writer/Animator/Editor
  • William Bakken, Producer
  • Sophie Meath, Director of Photography
  • Jacob Crosby, Musical Composer

C-07: College – Non-Fiction (***FOUR RECIPIENTS***)

Ger Kler: A Journey of Untold Strength

Extending the Link – College of Saint Benedict & Saint John’s University

  • Rachel Mullin, Co-Producer
  • Sean Raible, Co-Producer
  • Ashley LaLiberte, Production Assistant
  • Megan Towle, Production Assistant
  • Mackenzie Lecy, Production Assistant
  • Nikki Orth, Researcher
  • Ana Nugent, Production Assistant
  • Maria Jagodinski, Production Assistant
  • Andrew Warzecha, Videographer/Editor
  • Thomas Brossart, Videographer
  • Su Nguyen, Production Assistant

Home Country – Wartburg College

  • Jacqueline Schutte, Producer
  • Ali Kilburg, Producer
  • Lanie Crouse, Producer
  • Carmen Stevens, Producer
  • Kristin Canning, Producer
  • Sarah Boraas, Producer
  • Danny Housholder, Producer 

The House Music Built – Wartburg College

  • Ashley Dickinson, Producer
  • Peter Hoffman, Producer
  • Ted Leuck, Producer
  • Armand Piecuch, Producer
  • Holly Hejlik, Producer
  • Caitlin Harbach, Producer
  • Justin Szykowny, Producer

To Jake With Love – Wartburg College

  • Bekah Holten, Producer
  • Brianna Becker, Producer
  • Beth McAtee, Producer
  • Anna McMullen, Producer
  • Adam Azzaro, Producer
  • Katlyn Underwood, Producer
  • Simon Sager, Producer

C-08: College – Sports

Marlene Stollings: First Game as a Gopher

U of M Athletics – University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

  • Benjamin Pobiel, Producer/Editor/Videographer
  • Dan West, Producer/Editor/Videographer
  • Charlie Weierke, Videographer 

C-09: College – Sports: Live Event

SCSU vs UND – Husky Productions – St. Cloud State University

  • Elizabeth Burda, Producer
  • Patrick Crooks, Director
  • Brittany Rooney, Associate Producer
  • Matt Bohach, Technical Director

C-10: College – Public Service (PSAs) (***TWO RECIPIENTS***)

PSA Brother and Sister – MN State Highway Patrol – Century College

  • Parminder Papial, Director
  • Kelli Smith, Producer
  • Nate McGowen, Camera Operator

The Ones Forgotten – – University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

  • Steven Hoff, Producer

C-11: College – Public Affairs/Community Service

Survivor – Central Lakes College

  • Bobbi Kruchten, Producer/Director/Writer

C-12: College – Commercial

UNW Football – Compete With Purpose – University of Northwestern – St. Paul

  • Matthew Abeler, Director

C-13: College – Animation/Graphics/Special Effects


AE News Report – Hennepin Technical College

  • Henry Tice, Producer/Animator

UTVS Animation Showcase 2015 – St. Cloud State University

  • Wesley Beskar, Computer Artist/Designer/Editor
  • Tommy Vice, Audio Design/Creative Input

C-14: College – Director

Academy of Whole Learning – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

  • Aaron Bergland, Director

C-15: College – Editor (***TWO RECIPIENTS***)

Maverick Hockey Weekend Coach’s Show with Mike Hastings

Bethany Lutheran College

  • Brian Christensen, Editor

Sydnee Bendorf Composite – Century College

C-16: College – Photographer

Naoya Uchida Composite

Campus News – Minnesota State University – Moorhead

C-17: College – Talent

Taylor Budge Composite – UTVS – St. Cloud State University

C-18: College – Writing

Ariana Babcock Composite

Campus News – Minnesota State University – Moorhead