Martin Blanco

Martin Blanco – Eden Prairie High School (Minnesota)

Martin Blanco – Eden Prairie High School (Minnesota)

Martin is a senior at Eden Prairie High School in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. After anxiously searching for a venue to showcase his grand love for storytelling, his counselor recommended he try the EagleVision News program. Two years later, Martin is now a constant contributor to the show and has participated as an anchor and producer.

Martin is also one of the presidents of Eden Prairie High School’s Young Filmmakers’ Club, producing his own films while encouraging others to share their own stories. Next year, Martin will be pursuing a four-year double degree in Cinema Production and Computer Science.

“I would like to thank my two educators, motivators, and partners-in-crime, Rolf Olson and Perry Kennedy, for constantly encouraging me to not just be good, but to be good at being different. Finally, a thank you to my parents and friends for being so understanding every time they would ask me to join them for an event, and I would not be able to due to having to participate in some sort of media recording/broadcasting. A special thank you to the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for helping me in this journey to embrace my inner storyteller and for easing the economic burden that such education may impose upon my shoulders.”