Francheska Crawford Hanke

Francheska Crawford Hanke – White Bear Lake High School (Minnesota)

Francheska (Franki) Crawford Hanke – White Bear Lake High School (Minnesota)

Francheska (Franki) is a senior at White Bear Lake Area High School. She’s been involved with her school newspaper since tenth grade from writing articles themselves to laying out the formatting of the paper, and along with extra Language Arts credits and writing on the side, she’s realized her passion for the written word.

While undecided on where, next year she’ll be attending college to learn even more about journalism and the beauty of written word. The Pfister Journalism Scholarship has expanded the opportunities she has for attending college.

“I heard I was a recipient through a voicemail while sitting beside my dad in the car. I listened once, replayed it on speaker phone, and then plugged it into the stereo to listen again. I couldn’t believe what I thought would be a message from my mom about our plans for the weekend became a message about getting assistance to pay for my future. I am indescribably thankful for this scholarship- which is saying something since all I love in life is about expressing myself through words.”