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2014 College Student Production Award Recipients

MOA logoCongratulations to the college & university recipients in the 2014 NATAS-Upper Midwest Regional Student Production Awards!  Recipients were announced at a ceremony on Sunday March 30th, 2014 in the Great Room at Mall of America.

This year, the NATAS – Upper Midwest Chapter received more than 235 entries from 40 different high schools and colleges/universities from across our region!

Tim BlotzTim Blotz from FOX 9 KMSP-TV hosted the award ceremony and presented Crystal Pillars to the recipients.  The awards are presented to the schools for promotional purposes to encourage students to pursue the media arts.    Any student whose name is on the recipient entry form is eligible to purchase a duplicate Crystal Pillar Award.  We also offer nomination certificates and plaques for students listed on nominated entries.

Student Crystal Pillar order form

Student Nomination Plaque order form

Student Nomination certificate order form

Student Production Crystal Pillar Award
Student Production Crystal Pillar Award

OFFICIAL NATIONAL NATAS RULES FOR STUDENT AWARD PROMOTION: Students are not considered peer professionals and as such, their regional student productions are not eligible for Emmy® award recognition.  High school & college/university students may refer to the fact that they are recipients of a NATAS – Upper Midwest Regional Student Production Award.  They may also say they received a Student Production Award from the Upper Midwest Emmy® Chapter/Foundation.  Schools and students may not use the Emmy® name or replica of the Emmy® figure in any form of school publications, commercial advertising and promotion.

AND THE RECIPIENTS ARE…. (Click on red title to view video)

College – Newscast

UTVS News en Español
St. Cloud State University

  • Emilio Ramos- De Jesus, Executive Producer
  • Emily Haeg, Associate Producer
  • Alyssa Tryggeseth, Associate Producer
  • Derrick Silvestri, Advisor

College – News: General Assignment – Serious News (*Four Recipients*)

911 Emergency
UTVS – St. Cloud State University

  • Natalie Davis, Reporter/Photographer/Editor

Feeding the Hungry
UTVS – St. Cloud State University

  • Natalie Davis, Reporter/Photographer/Editor

Rocori High School Shooting: Ten Years Later
UTVS – St. Cloud State University

  • Nick Minock, Executive Producer/Reporter
  • Vicki Ikeogu, Associate Producer

WTV News Illegal Drugs on Campus
Wartburg Television – Wartburg College

  • Danny Housholder, Reporter/Photographer

College – News: General Assignment – Light News (*Five recipients*)

Clean Water Project
Daily Iowan TV – University of Iowa

  • Rebekah Hoeger, Reporter

Senior to serve in Haiti on break – University of St. Thomas

  • Baihly Warfield, Reporter

Student Profile – Annika
Studio One – University of North Dakota

  • Cory Robertson, Reporter

UND Destress Fest
Studio One – University of North Dakota

  • Cory Robertson, Reporter

WTV News Taylor Morris- Behind the Lens
Wartburg Television – Wartburg College

  • Ben Hoppenworth, Reporter/Photographer

College – Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs

WAM Art Rentals
University of Minnesota

  • Nick Tabbert, Reporter

College – Music Video

The Roseman
Lake Superior College

  • Alexander Skomars, Writer/Photographer/Editor
  • Nate Holte, Music
  • Brandon Leno, Advisor

College – Short Form: Fiction

Burning Memories
The University of Wisconsin-Superior

  • Pete Garsow, Director/Producer/Editor/Writer
  • Brent Notbohm, Advisor

Short Form: Non-Fiction

Nowhere To Go
Art Institutes International Minnesota

  • David Wilson, Director

College – Long Form: Fiction (*Two Recipients*)

Loras College

  • Jake Roth, Writer/Editor
  • Frankie Mosca, Director/Producer
  • Connor Stickney, Producer/Director of Photography
  • Craig Schaefer, Advisor

Chasing Neptune
ReelOrange Productions – Wartburg College

  • Ian Andrew Bee, Writer/Producer
  • Danny Housholder, Writer/Producer
  • Micah Jensen, Writer/Producer
  • Simon Sager, Writer/Producer
  • Justin Szykowny, Writer/Producer
  • Ta’Mone Williams, Writer/Producer
  • Armand Piecuch, Chief Audio Engineer/Music Producer
  • Simon Sager, Director
  • Ian Andrew Bee, Assistant Director
  • Micah Jensen, Editor
  • Shelby Granath, Director of Photography
  • Benjamin Hoppenworth, Assistant Director of Photography
  • Kyle Heuer, Audio Engineer
  • Adam Azzaro, Digital Marketing Executive
  • Travis Bockenstedt, Advisor

College – Long Form: Non-Fiction

Pretty in Pink, Covered in Dirt
Loras College

  • Makaila Haase, Director/Producer
  • Juanita Bustamante Escobar, Producer
  • Craig Schaefer, Advisor

College – Sports (*Three Recipients*)

Ben Hanowski: A Captain’s Journey
UTVS – St. Cloud State University

  • Chelsea Johnson, Editor/Producer
  • Dani Grand, Reporter

Fencing Club
Campus News – MSU Moorhead

  • Mat Gleeson, Reporter

MSUM Student Athletes
Campus News – MSU Moorhead

  • Collin Boyles, Reporter

College – Sports: Live Event (*Two recipients*)

Maverick Hockey Weekend MSU vs NMU
Bethany Lutheran College

  • Anthony Miller, Producer
  • Logan Hoppe, Director
  • Brian Christensen, Technical Director
  • Preston Schultz, Pregame/Postgame Producer
  • Greg Vandermause, Advisor

St Cloud State University vs. Union College
Husky Productions – St. Cloud State University

  • Alex Clysdale, Producer
  • Nicole Cunningham, Associate Producer
  • Mitch McDermott, Director
  • Brian Stanley, Advisor

College – Public Service (PSAs)

Feed My Starving Children
University of Minnesota

  • Yida Ji, Producer/Editor
  • Mark A Neuman-Scott, Advisor

College – Public Affairs/Community Service
No entries submitted

College – Commercial (*Three Recipients*)

Behind City’s Work Uniforms and Mat Services
ReelOrange Productions – Wartburg College

  • Simon Sager, Producer/Photographer/Editor
  • Beth McAtee, Producer/Photographer/Editor
  • Travis Bockenstedt, Advisor

Make A Statement
William Penn University

  • Jordan Treimer, Producer/Co-Writer
  • Drew Ruggles, Co-Producer/DP/Co-Writer/Editor
  • Lucas Burns, Co-Producer/Camera Op/Co-Writer/Editor/Talent
  • Demi Coertze, Talent
  • Melanie Mackey, Talent
  • Chris Crawford, Talent
  • Amber Lake, Advisor

The Kid
ReelOrange Productions – Wartburg College

  • Simon Sager, Producer/Photographer/Editor
  • Travis Bockenstedt, Advisor

College – Animation/Graphics/Special Effects (*Two Recipients)

Bethany Lutheran College

  • Aimee Bruss, Designer/Animator

Century College

  • Christian Gayle, Visual Effects Editor

College – Audio/Sound
Entries did not meet minimum Standard of Excellence scoring requirements

College – Director

Maverick Hockey Weekend
Bethany Lutheran College

  • Logan Hoppe, Director

College – Editor (*Two Recipients*)

Anthony Miller Composite
Bethany Lutheran College

Emerging Media
Drake University

  • Ashley Thompson, Editor
  • Brianna Laubach, Editor

College – Photographer (*Two recipients*)

Mat Gleeson Composite
Campus News – MSU Moorhead

Melissa Stephan Composite
Campus News – MSU Moorhead

College – Talent (*Two Recipients*)

Brad Maxwell Composite
Daily Iowan TV – University of Iowa

Natalie Davis Composite
UTVS – St. Cloud State University

College – Writing

Girlfriend of Murdered Greenfield Man Speaks Out
UTVS – St. Cloud State University

  • Nick Minock, Executive Producer/Reporter