Board of Governors Award News Recipients

2013 Board of Governors Emmy® Award

The National Academy of Television Arts & Science (NATAS) – Upper Midwest Chapter Board of Governors Award is the most prestigious Regional Emmy® Award in our chapter.  It is voted on by solely by the board.  The Governor’s Emmy® Award honors visionary, long-standing relationships that creatively and effectively use corporate, non-profit and broadcast resources to showcase the power of broadcasting to advance a mission or message. The award is presented to a broadcaster, advertiser or company, as well as a non-profit organization, each of whom has contributed to forward a cause.

2013 Recipients: Battlefield to the Home Front

Twin Cities Public Television, Minnesota National Guard, Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs

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Since  2006,  Twin  Cities  Public  Television  has  paid  close  attention  to  how  more  than  a  decade  of   war  has  affected  our  troops  and  their  families.  During  this  time  tpt  has  also  examined  how   Veterans  of  past  wars  have  been  affected  by  their  service  to  the  country.  In  particular  five   television  programs,  produced  in  partnership  with  the  Minnesota  Department  of  Veterans   Affairs  and  the  Minnesota  National  Guard,  have  helped  a  general  audience  of  Minnesotans   connect  with  our  military  and  Veteran  communities.

Twin Cities Public Television

Just  one-­‐half  of  1  percent  of  Americans  served  in  uniform  at  any  given  time  during  the  past decade, which has been the longest period of sustained conflict in the country’s History.  Such a tiny  percentage  of  Americans  carry  100  percent  of  the  responsibility  to  answer  the  call  of  duty.   Honor,  integrity,  and  selfless  service  call  people  to  volunteer  years  of  their  life  to  protect America’s people and  esteemed  way  of  life.

Meanwhile,  the  connections  between  military  members  and  the  broader  civilian  population   appear  to  be  growing  more  distant.  TPT  is  committed  to  educating  Minnesotans  about  the   sacrifices  fellow  neighbors,  coworkers,  friends  and  family  have  made  when  the  nation  called  for   their  support.

The  long-­‐standing  partnership  between  Twin  Cities  Public  Television,  the  Minnesota  National   Guard  and  the  Minnesota  Department  of  Veterans  Affairs  has  resulted  in  several  multi-­‐year   productions  that  intimately  capture  history  throughout  a  long,  tumultuous  wartime.  For  seven   years,  tpt  dedicated  their  talents  and  risked  their  lives  to  document  and  share  stories  from  the   battlefield  to  the  home  front.

Minnesota National Guard

Twin  Cities  Public  Television  showcased  real  stories  that  captured  the  life  stories  of  our  military   members  and  their  missions,  but  also  of  the  spouses,  children,  and  other  family  members  who   have  shared  in  the  sacrifice  of  military  service. Of  the  five  programs  created,  two of them, “Iraq & Back” and “Bridging war & Hope”, involved tpt  embeds  to  Iraq  and  Afghanistan,  capturing  a  sampling  of  the   thousands  of  statewide  military  deployments  that  have  occurred  in  the  past  decade.

Minnesota Department of Veterans AffairsFurthering  the  partnership  with  our  military  community  tpt  worked  in  tandem  with  the   Minnesota  National  Guard  by  utilizing  footage  shot  in  the  theater  of  war  by  Guard  soldiers  and   has  relied  on  advice  and  guidance  in  preparing  for  and  completing  two  safe  and  successful   embeds.

Likewise,  the  Minnesota  Department  of  Veterans  Affairs  and  tpt  have  formed  a  tight  bond.  It  is   through  this  relationship  our  community  of  viewers  is  able  to  better  connect  with,  and   understand  the  plight  of,  our State’s veterans.

TPT  is  committed  to  informing  Minnesotans  about  the  true  nature  of  war  for  service  members,   families  and  Veterans.  Through  continued  partnerships  with  the  Minnesota  National  Guard and  the Minnesota  Department  of  Veterans  Affairs  tpt  will  educate  and  inform  a  statewide audience of viewers about issues affecting our state’s military and Veterans  community. (gala video)