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2013 College Production Award Recipients

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Congratulations to the college & university recipients in the 2013 NATAS-Upper Midwest Regional Student Production Awards!  Recipients were announced at a ceremony on Sunday April 14th, 2013 at the Theaters at Mall of America.

This year, the NATAS – Upper Midwest Chapter received 200 entries from 30 different high schools and colleges/universities from across our region!

Liz Collin - WCCO TV
Liz Collin – WCCO TV

Liz Collin from WCCO-TV hosted the award ceremony and presented Crystal Pillars to the recipients.  The awards are presented to the schools for promotional purposes to encourage students to pursue the media arts.    Any student whose name is on the recipient entry form is eligible to purchase a duplicate Crystal Pillar Award.  We also offer nomination certificates and plaques for students listed on nominated entries.

Student Crystal Pillar order form

Student Nomination Plaque order form

Student Nomination certificate order form

College/University and High School Regional Student Television Award Crystal Pillar
College/University and High School Regional Student Television Award Crystal Pillar

OFFICIAL NATIONAL NATAS RULES FOR STUDENT AWARD PROMOTION: Students are not considered peer professionals and as such, their regional student productions are not eligible for Emmy® award recognition.  High school & college/university students may refer to the fact that they are recipients of a NATAS – Upper Midwest Regional Student Production Award.  They may also say they received a Student Production Award from the Upper Midwest Emmy® Chapter/Foundation.  Schools and students may not use the Emmy® name or replica of the Emmy® figure in any form of school publications, commercial advertising and promotion.

AND THE RECIPIENTS ARE…. (Click on red title to view video)

C-01: Newscast

Campus News – MSU Moorhead  

  • Robert Swansen, Head Producer
  • Rebecca Lebak, Associate Producer
  • LaurelLee Loftsgard, Associate Producer
  • Chase Miller, Associate Producer
  • C.J. Pierre, Associate Producer
  • Katelyn Wigmore, Associate Producer


C-02: News:  General Assignment – Serious News  *Two Recipients*

Adderall – The College Crack – Daily Iowan Television – University of Iowa

  • Brad Maxwell, Reporter

Tom Decker Funeral – UTVS – St. Cloud State University

  • Julia Allen, Reporter
  • Justin Haugesag, Photographer


C-03: News: General Assignment – Light News  *Two Recipients*

Matt Bishop: My View From the Bench – UTVS – St. Cloud State University

  • Julia Allen, Reporter

Toy Train Collectors – Campus News – MSU Moorhead

  • LaurelLee Loftsgard, Reporter


C-04: Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs

Spin Cycle – Bethany Lutheran College –  

  • Aimee Bruss, Director of Photography
  • Megan Poehler, Producer
  • Alex Sina, Director

C-05: Music Video

Entries did not meet minimum requirements for standard of excellence

C-06: Long Form: Fiction

{ u n t i t l e d } – University of Wisconsin – River Falls

  • Christina Heerdt, Writer/Producer
  • Erik Johnson, Advisor


C-07: Long Form: Non-Fiction

Project 24 – Bethany Lutheran College   

  • Stephanie Erlandson, Producer
  • Christopher Johnson, Advisor


C-08: Sports

Beyond the Vanishing Point – SCSU Football – UTVS – St. Cloud State University

  • Lindsey Branwall, Reporter


C-09: Sports: Live Event

SCSU vs UNO 12/8/12 – Husky Productions – St. Cloud State University

  • Matt Szymanski, Executive Producer
  • Brian Stanley Advisor


C-10: Public Service (PSAs)

MN Patrol Cops PSA – Century College

  • Sam Daffinson, Producer
  • Xiong Lor, Director
  • Renae Michaelson, Camer Operator
  • Tony Rose, Editor
  • Lawrence Erskin, Production Assistant
  • Mike Eddy, Advisor


C-11: Public Affairs/Community Service

Art Saves Lives – The Art Institutes International Minnesota

  • Jazmin Eric Ward, Producer/Editor
  • Brandon Juarez, Producer/Editor
  • Anthony Maroney, Producer/Editor
  • Ty Titus, Production Assistant
  • Wade Piche, Key Grip/Asst. Camera
  • Barbara Wiener, Executive Producer
  • Ben Gottfried, Advisor


C-12: Commercial

PromaxBDA Student Story Challenge Promo – Bethany Lutheran College

  • Aaron Evans, Producer/Animator
  • Christopher Johnson, Faculty Advisor


C-13: Animation/Graphics/Special Effects

Aaron Evans Motion Graphics Montage – Bethany Lutheran College

  • Aaron Evans, Designer
  • Christopher Johnson, Faculty Advisor


C-14: Audio/Sound

Entries did not meet minimum requirements for standard of excellence


C-15: Director

Michael Engelun – Sun Days – The Art Institutes International Minnesota – The Art Institutes International Minnesota


C-16: Editor

MN Patrol Samaritan Extended – Century College – Century College

  • Christian Gayle, Editor


C-17: Photographer

The Advocate – Campus News – MSU Moorhead

  • Robert Swansen, Photographer


C-18: Talent

Natalie Davis – UTVS – St. Cloud State University


C-19: Writing

Two Minutes in the Box – Bethany Lutheran College – Bethany Lutheran College

  • Andrew Asp, Writer
  • Scott Fassett, Writer