Gold & Silver Circle

Gold & Silver Circle Honorees (2000-Present)

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences-Upper Midwest Chapter recognizes individuals who have made a significant contribution to television well above and beyond that required by their job.  That contribution can be in service to the industry, to NATAS, to the community, or to people training for a career in the field.

The Gold Circle Honor recognizes people with 50+ years in the industry.

The Silver Circle Honor recognizes people with 25+ years in the industry.

Gold & Silver Circle Honors

The Gold & Silver Circle is not an award; it’s a society of honor. It is recognition of eligible individuals who have made a significant contribution to television well above and beyond that required by their job.  Nominees answer to the highest standards of integrity and honor in all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

Nominations are accepted from the performing, creative, technical or administrative roles within the industry or in peripheral areas directly related to television such as commercial production, journalism or education. Neither nominators nor nominees need to be members of NATAS.

NATAS – Upper Midwest Regional GOLD & SILVER CIRCLE HONOREES 2000-Present


Mark Rosen                                    Gold                WCCO-TV

Bruce Aune                                     Silver              KCRG-TV

Jodi Ritacca Carlini                       Silver              Carlini Entertainment

Angela Kennecke                          Silver               KELO-TV


Don Shelby                                     Gold               WCCO-TV & Freelance

Helene Duhamel                            Silver              KOTA-TV

Larry Wentz                                    Silver              KMEG-TV

Jerry Watson                                  Silver              KTTC-TV

Dexter Gronseth                             Silver             KELO-TV


Dean Borg                                      Gold                Iowa Public Television

Dave Dahl                                       Silver              KSTP-TV

Diana Pierce                                  Silver               KARE-TV

Noel Sederstrom                           Silver               KTTC-TV

Ken Stone                                       Silver               Tpt & University of Minnesota


Ronald Viste                                   Gold                WEAU-TV

Peter Rhodes                                  Silver              Black Music America/Urban Mass Media Group

Kimberly Rhodes                           Silver              Black Music America/Urban Mass Media Group

Boyd Huppert                                 Silver              KARE-TV


Team Seaman                                 Silver              KCAU-TV

Terry Dullum                                  Silver              WDAZ-TV

Brendan Henehan                         Silver               Twin Cities PBS


Tom Hauser                                    Silver               KSTP-TV

Pat Kessler                                      Silver               WCCO-TV

Kevin Cooney                                  Silver               KCCI-TV

Mollie Cooney                                 Silver               KCCI-TV


Dick Bremer                                    Silver               MN Twins/FOX Sports North

Tom Hanson                                   Silver               KDLT-TV

Robert J. Rich                                Silver               WDSM/KBJR-TV


John Hoffland                                Silver               WEAU-TV

David Busiek                                   Silver               KCCI-TV

Ken Speake                                      Silver               KARE-TV


Dennis Anderson                          Gold                 WDIO-TV

Dave Jensch                                    Silver               KBJR-TV

Ron Schara                                      Silver               Ron Schara Productions

Ron Steele                                       Silver               KWWL-TV


Darcy Pohland                               Silver             WCCO-TV

John Campbell                               Silver             KCRG-TV

Michelle Lee                                    Silver             KBJR-TV


Bill Carlson                                     Gold               WCCO-TV

Jane Helmke                                   Silver             KARE-TV

Chester M. Reiten                          Silver             KXJB/KXMC


Bradley Jacobs                               Gold               KSTP-TV

Ron Gruber                                      Silver             KTTC-TV

Dick Heidt                                        Silver             KFYR-TV

Stan Turner                                      Silver             KSTP-TV/Conus


Harold Crump                                 Gold               Hubbard Broadcasting

Karen Boros                                    Silver             WCCO-TV

Bill Hanley                                       Silver             TPT


Harry Jones                                    Silver             WCCO-TV

Barbara Reyelts                             Silver             KBJR-TV

Steve Edelman                                Silver             KSTP-TV/ Edelman Productions


Robert Fransen                              Gold               KARE-TV KMSP-TV KSTP-TV

Charles Johnson                           Silver             KVLY-TV

Bud Kraehling                                Silver             WCCO-TV

John Bachman                               Silver             WHO-TV


Stanley S. Hubbard                       Gold               Hubbard Broadcasting

N.L. “Larry” Bentson                    Gold               Midcontinent Media

Don Shelby                                      Silver             WCCO-TV

William Duhamel                           Silver             Duhamel Broadcasting

Bill and Marietta Ekburg               Silver             KFYR-TV


Harold Crump                                 Silver             Hubbard Broadcasting

Mel Jass                                           Silver             KARE-TV

Dave Dedrick                                  Silver             KELO-TV

Joe L. Floyd                                     Silver             KELO-TV

Al Gustin                                          Silver             KFYR-TV


Roger Awsumb                               Silver             KARE-TV

Stuart Lindman                             Silver             KARE-TV

Elaine Peterson                             Silver             KEYC-TV

Frances VonKoynenburg            Silver             WCCO-TV


Stanley S. Hubbard                       Silver             Hubbard Broadcasting

Frank Befera                                   Silver             WDIO-TV

Robert Fransen                              Silver             KARE-TV KMSP-TV KSTP-TV

Ron Handberg                                Silver             WCCO-TV TPT

Steve Hemmingsen                       Silver             KELO-TV

Dave Nimmer                                  Silver             WCCO-TV


Jason Davis                                    Silver             KSTP-TV

Stanley E. Hubbard                       Silver             Hubbard Broadcasting

Pat Miles                                          Silver             WCCO-TV and KARE-TV

Dave Moore                                     Silver             WCCO-TV

Don Swartz                                     Silver             KMSP-TV