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Judging Entries Charges Your Batteries

The pressure of sweeps is on and you need to fuel up with energy and ideas.  Try this, get some munchies and get together with co-workers and colleagues to  judge some Emmy entries!

NATAS – Upper Midwest Chapter is looking for regional media professionals to judge entries from the Northwest Chapter. We’re scratching their backs because the Northwest Chapter is judging our entries this summer.

We know you are busy, and we’re only looking for a couple hours of your time.  The Northwest Chapter has a good reputation of quality story-telling and programming.   This is a great way to see what others are doing in our industry!

It’s pretty simple.  Each judging panel should be a minimum of five people (no more than three from the same station).  You can get together as a group or shuffle the entries among your panel.

You watch the entry and fill out a CONFIDENTIAL ballot judging each entry on content, creativity and execution.  There’s no talking or discussion.  That means no Facebooking or Tweeting about it either!

You judge each entry based on a standard of excellence set forth by the rules committee of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Entries are judged on their own merit and are not judged against each other.  How simple is that?

Hurry now to sign up to be a panel leader.  Great categories are still available!  We’re looking for professionals to judge newscasts, weather stories, sports stories and programs, documentaries, anchors, directors, photographers, editors, you name it!

Contact Executive Director John Murray at 952-381-7494 or email