Emmys News

2009 Upper Midwest Emmy Recipients

The 2009 recipients are…

Station Excellence – Markets 1-20 WCCO-TV

Station Excellence – Markets 21-140 KQDS-TV FOX 21

Newscast – Daytime – Markets 1-20 KSTP-TV Newscast

Daytime – Markets 21-140 WDIO-TV

Newscast – Evening – Markets 1-20 KMSP-TV

Newscast – Evening – Markets 21-140 KQDS-TV FOX 21 News

Newscast – Evening – Markets 141+ NBC North Dakota News

Newscast – Weekend Markets 1-20 KMSP-TV

Newscast – Weekend – Markets 141+ NBC North Dakota News

General Assignment Report – Within 24 Hours: Soldier’s Surprise, KARE-11
Trisha Volpe, Reporter, Matt Passolt, Photojournalist

General Assignment Report – No Time Limit: Link to the Lost, KMSP TV
Trish Van Pilsum, Reporter/Ron Johnson, Photojournalist
[Watch the story]

Breaking News: RNC Riot Downtown, KMSP-TV
Tom Lyden, Reporter
[Watch the video]

Continuing Coverage: Republican National Convention, KSTP-TV
Mark Albert, Reporter, Jared Bergerson, Photojournalist

Investigative Report – Single Story: Prisoners Ride The Bus, KSTP-TV
Bob McNaney, Reporter; Mike Maybay Producer; Sam Zeff, Assistant News Director
[Watch the story]

Investigative Report – Series: Olga Franco- Beyond The Verdict, KMSP-TV
Jeff Baillon, Investigative Reporter, Bradley Swagger, Photographer/Editor, Eric Gedrose, Spencer Driskill, Photographer

Feature News Report – Light Feature Series: Collin Rocks! KARE-TV
Boyd Huppert, Reporter, Jonathan Malat, Photojournalist
[Watch the story]

Feature News Report – Serious Feature Series: A Mother’s Legacy, KARE-TV
Jana Shortal, Reporter; Deb Lyngdal, Photojournalist
[Watch the story]

News Special: 35W Bridge: 1 Year Later, KMSP-TV FOX 9 NEWS
Patrick Armijo, Executive Producer

Community-Cable-Public Access Television – Newscast: Hastings Public Access Weekly News
Tom Wright, Executive Director

Community-Cable-Public Access Television – Sporting Event: Evansville vs. Drake Men’s Basketball (live game covergage), Mediacom Communications Company
Lance Herbold, Producer

Community-Cable-Public Access Television – Edited Program: 25 Years of TV; 12 News
[Watch the special]

Arts-Entertainment: Feature-Segment-Special: Rudy Maxa’s World: Tokyo; RMW Productions
Rudy Maxa, Executive Producer
[Watch the program]

Business-Consumer: News Single Story-Series: Beer Drinkers Get Surly, KARE-TV
Boyd Huppert, Reporter, Jonathan Malat, Photojournalist, John Drilling, Editor
[Watch the story]

Children-Youth (12 and under)-Teen: Feature-Segment-Special: Lakeville Kids & Government; Lakeville Government Channel 16
Jim Schiffman, Producer/Editor, Tim Klausler, Photographer
[Watch the program]

Health-Science: News Single Story-Series: Good Questions about Health, WCCO-TV
Jason DeRusha, Reporter, Joe Berglove, Photographer
[Watch the stories]

Health-Science: Program Feature-Segment: Sophia’s Story, WDIO-TV
Cassie Limpert, Anchor, Dan Bergh, Photographer
[Watch one of the stories]

Politics-Government: News Single Story-Series: Civics on Sibley, KMSP-TV Fox 9
Tim Blotz, Anchor/Reporter, Andy Shilts, Photographer

Politics-Government: Program Feature-Segment-Special: “At Issue” Live at the RNC, KSTP-TV
Mike Maybay, Producer, Tom Hauser, Chief Political Reporter

Sports – News Feature: After Near-fatal Crash, Wrestler Puts a Reversal on his Doubters, WCCO-TV
John Lauritsen, Reporter; Carly Danek, Photojournalist
[Watch the story]

Sports – Program: Hockey Day Minnesota, Fox Sports North
Jeffrey Byle, Executive Producer

Sporting Event-Game – Live-Unedited – Program-Special: Eden Prairie vs. Hill-Murry Boys State Hockey Tournament, KSTC-TV
Dennis Silva, Steve Johnson, Producers

Sporting Event-Game – Live-Unedited – Series: Minnesota Twins Baseball, Fox Sports North
Jeffrey Byle, Executive Producer

Documentary – Cultural: Iron Range: Minnesota Building America, Twin Cities Public Television
Dianne Steinbach, Executive Producer, Lisa Blackston, Producer-Editor

Documentary – Historical: Iowa’s One-Room Schoolhouses, Iowa Public Television
Debra Herbold, Producer, Duane Huey, Executive Producer

Documentary – Topical: Spotlight: Carl Pohlad, Fox Sports North
Jeff Byle, Executive Producer, Nicole Kunke, Editor, Joseph Maar, Coordinating Producer

Magazine Program: Senate Race MN: 3 Big Moments, Twin Cities Public Television
Mary Lahammer, Producer & Host, Jerry Lasko, Editor, Brendan Henehan, Executive Producer
[Watch this program]

Public-Current-Community Affairs: Almanac Compilation, Twin Cities Public Television
Brendan Henehan, Producer, Cathy Wurzer, Eric Eskola, Hosts

Special Event Coverage (other than News or Sports): Christmas at Luther, Twin Cities Public Television
Dianne Steinbach, Executive Producer, Jeff Weihe, Director

Community Public Service (PSA) – Single Spot: The Peddler, City of Edina Community Channel 16
[Watch the PSA]

Community Public Service (PSA) – Campaign: Legacy Letters, Twin Cities Public Television
[Watch the campaign]
Daniel Pierce Bergin, Producer, Hlee Lee, Associate Producer

Promotion – News Promo: Pharmacy Felons, KMSP FOX 9
Nick Abdo, Senior Producer, Kevin Myers, Promotions Manager

Promotion – Image-News: Fox 9 Morning News NYC, KMSP FOX 9
Nick Abdo, Senior Producer, Kevin Myers Promotions Manager, Brian Weinholz, Graphic Designer
[Watch one video, and another]

Promotion – Program: Wild Image – “Unassisted Goal”, Fox Sports North
Tod Lavanty, Writer/Producer/Editor

Promotion – Image – Station: WCCO Political Ad Break, WCCO-TV
Casey Kespohl, Brand Director, Jodi Oelfke, Image Manager
[Watch the video]

Commercial – Single Spot: Fantasy Victory, KMSP FOX 9
Chad Gilmour, Creative Services Producer, Kevin Myers, Creative Director, Peter Marty, Videographer
[Watch the video]

Commercial – Campaign: Natural Habitat/Take It Outside/Trucks, Periscope
Charlie Callahan, Creative Director/Copywriter, Brien Spanier, Creative Director/Art Director, Brian Boord, Art Director
[Watch “Take It Outside“]

News Audio Musical Composition-Arrangement: The Blenders, WFTC-TV

Director – Live or Live-to-Tape: Matt Gangl, Fox Sports North

Director – Post-Production: Nick Abdo, KMSP FOX 9
[Watch the video]

Editor – Program (Non-News): Tales of the Road-Highway 61, Robert Hutchings & Lisa Blackstone, Palisade Productions with TPT-2

Editor – News: Jason Hanson, KSTP-TV

Editor – Sports: Nicole Kunkel, Fox Sports North

Graphic Arts – Graphics: Maranatha Wilson, WCCO-TV

Graphic Arts – Graphics – News: WCCO Weather Graphics, Kelly Pederson, WCCO-TV

Graphic Arts – Animation: Make:TV composite, Twin Cities Public Television
John Van Amber

Lighting – Studio: Twin Cities Live, TVLD, Inc. for KSTP-TV
Dan McKenrick, Lighting Designer, Kristin Martin, Assistant Lighting Director

Lighting – Location: Screaming Eagle- Noir, River Run Productions
Scott Smith

On-Camera Talent – Anchor – News: TIE: Kim Insley, KARE-TV and Jeanette Trompeter, WCCO-TV

On-Camera Talent – Anchor – Weather: Chikage Windler, KSTP-TV

On-Camera Talent – Anchor – Sports: Anthony LaPanta, Fox Sports North

On-Camera Talent – Commentator-Editorialist: David Gillette, Twin Cities Public Television [Watch David’s work]

On-Camera Talent – Program Host-Moderator: Ann Carroll, Vikings Weekly, Fox Sports North

On-Camera Talent – Reporter: Joe Fryer, KARE-TV

On-Camera Talent – Sports Play-by-Play: Tom Hanneman, Minnesota Timberwolves Television

Photographer – Program (Non-News): Tales of the Road-Highway 61, Denny Behr & Joe Berglove, Palisade Productions with TPT-2

Photographer – News: Cortney Kintzer, KCCI-TV

Photographer – Sports (Single Camera): Dorothy G, KCRG-TV9
Matt Nelson, Photojournalist
[Watch the story]

News Technical Achievement: Fox Sports North Alternative Method of Production:
Jeffrey Byle, Executive Producer, Mike Dimond, General Manager, Joseph Maar, Coordinating Producer

Writer – News: Land of 10,000 Stories, Boyd Huppert, KARE-TV

Student Production – News: Kids Vote!, University of Minnesota
Alyssa Kroeten

Student Production – Programs (Non News-Entertainment): Av Fuzz- Season 6, Episode 6, Bruce Meyers, UTVS TELEVISION

Advanced Media News Programming: Obama: History Maker, Star Tribune
Brett Akagi, Producer, Vickie Kettlewell, Producer, Rohan Preston, Producer, Jerry Holt, Photographer, Kyndell Harkness

Advanced Media Breaking News – Continuing Coverage: Red River Flood, Star Tribune
Brett Akagi, Senior Video Producer, Shari Gross, Producer, Bill McAuiliffe, Producer

Advanced Media Investigative Report: Renegade Riders, Star Tribune
Brian Peterson, Photojournalist; David Shaffer, Tom Meersman, Glenn Howatt, Reporter; Mark Bosewell, Graphic Artist

Advanced Media Arts-Entertainment: Science of Watchmen, University of Minnesota
Elizabeth Giorgi, Managing Editor, Professor James Kakalios, Andrew Swain, Expertise Coordinator, Justin Ware, Executive Producer, Daniel Wolter, Director

Advanced Media Business-Consumer-Financial Money Matters, KELO-TV

Advanced Media Children-Youth-Teens FOX KMSP-TV

Advanced Media Documentary: Historical-Cultural: Buddy Holly – The Crash that Changed Rock ‘n’ Roll, The Des Moines Register
Travis Graven, Assistant Editor, Kyle Munson, editor, Michael Corey, Digital Products Editor, Craig Johnson, Graphic Artist, John Naughton, Reporter

Advanced Media Public-Current-Community Affairs: Street Cellist: David McGee, Delicious Filmworks
Jesse Roesler, Director [Watch the video]

Advanced Media Sports: Falcons Rise Again, The Des Moines Register
Todd Bailey, Digital Sports Editor

Advanced Media Commercial: MyFox9 Commercial Campaign, KMSP FOX 9
Chad Gilmour, Creative Services Producer, Nick Abdo, Producer, Peter Marty, Videographer, Kevin Myers, Creative Director, Paul Givens, Producer, Adam Foye, Producer
[Watch the submission]

Advanced Media Animator-Motion Graphics Designer: Brain tumor surgery: A Chance Meeting, an extraordinary case, Star Tribune
Raymond Grumney, News Graphics Director, Billy Steve Clayton, Animator/Motion Graphic Designer

Online Host-Anchor-Reporter-Personality: Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV [Look at Jason’s entry]

Advanced Media Videography: Brian Peterson, Star Tribune

Advanced Media Still Photography: Jim Gehrz, Star Tribune

Advanced Media Video Editor: Peter Nelson, WCCO-TV TwinsBlog
[3 videos linked here]
Advanced Media Writer: 2012: The End of the World, spricket24
Karen Schindler Alloy, Video Blogger [Watch the video]

Advanced Media Student Production:, Minnesota State University Moorhead
Alyssa Schafer, Editor, Ryan Rose, Multimedia Producer, Kayla Redline, Multimedia Designer, Andrew Soucek, Videographer and Editor, Justin Ullyott, Videographer and Editor, Jessalyn Brown, Photography Director