2004 Scholarship Recipients

The four individuals described below have been selected by the Board of Governors to receive $2,000 scholarships in 2004. All have excelled both scholastically and personally. They were selected from a large group of extraordinary applicants. We congratulate our 2004 recipients, and wish them well as they pursue their studies.

Allen Costantini,
Scholarship Committee Chair

John Baumstark
Bismarck, ND High School

John carries a 3.48 grade point level while winning numerous writing, photo and speech awards. His application includes outstanding community service and considerable work at KXMB as a camera operator and videographer. He intends to pursue a double major in Print/Broadcast journalism, with a minor in Graphic Design at either the University of Kentucky or the University of North Dakota. John writes “it would be a dream come true to (work) for a principled nationally syndicated television show.” His high school instructor writes “the harder the lesson or more competitive the assignment, you will find that John does his best work.”

John is the recipient of the Silver Circle Scholarship.

Stephanie Dahle
Owatonna, MN Senior High School

Stephanie carries a 4.0 average and still finds time to be Senior Class President and letter in drama, mock trial, band and choir. She was a two time VFW Voice of Democracy winner and Speaker of the House at the National Young Leaders Conference in 2003. She also mentors young Spanish-speaking children through the Big Sisters program. She intends to major in Journalism with a minor in Spanish at NYU. Stephanie writes that her “dream is to be a correspondent for an American News Media in a Spanish-speaking country” and “Several years ago, I realized my dream was to be a television journalist.” Her high school instructor writes Stephanie “is one of those ‘standout’ students…more interested in, and aware of, the world around her than almost any student I know.”

Stephanie has been awarded the 2004 Board of Governors Scholarship.

Ryan Ruud
Roseau, MN High School

Ryan carries a 3.5 grade point average. This while participating in Track, Band, Speech, Drama, Mock Trial, the school newspaper and National Honor Society. Ryan has participated in church and community service in Roseau. Although his small northern Minnesota city has little opportunity for TV experience, Ryan has worked hard on KCAJ-FM radio while continuing his dream of a career in the visual medium. Ryan does have some TV experience in a way. As a childhood cancer survivor, Ryan has been a guest on the Miracle Network. He writes “While I was in the hospital, television provided a comic escape from the horrors of the pediatric oncology ward” and “It’s the one thing I look forward to being a part of.” His high school instructor writes “I listen often to his broadcast and am impressed at his professionalism and ability in the broadcast field”. Ryan intends to a degree in Mass Communications with a minor in Theatre at Saint Cloud State University.

Ryan is the recipient of the Twin Cities Public Television Scholarship

Cory Michael Tolliver
Hopkins, MN High School

Cory carries a 3.37 average while maintaining a demanding schedule serving as a leader in the KHOP-TV Club, playing Hockey, Football and Intramural Basketball and Band. Cory produces videos to assist High School counselors, volunteers to tutor math for grade schoolers and helped coach a youth baseball team. He writes “I have set high goals for myself and have worked hard to achieve them” and “One of my favorite things to do with my time in TV class is to edit audio and video, using Final Cut Pro 4”. His high school instructor writes “Cory is one of my go-to guys for new projects and for wrapping up old projects” and notes that Cory has learned to be “an advocate for who may not be able to advocate for themselves…an all around great guy” Cory intends to Major in Mass Communications/Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Speech Communication and theater arts at MSU-Moorhead.

Cory has been awarded this year’s David Bloom Memorial/NTA Upper Midwest Scholarship.