Emmys Nominees

2000 Upper Midwest Emmy Nominees

3: Spot News

  • “Payne Stewart Crash” Cindy Chapman KARE
  • “House of Cats” Gary Hill KSTP
  • “Heroes Don’t Take Vacations” Phil Johnston KARE
  • “What I got is what I got” Phil Johnston KARE
  • “Nowhere to Go” Ellen Kolodziej KARE
  • “Bus Accident” Dave Wertheimer KSTP

4: Investigative Reporting

  • “Cover Your Assets” Jeff Baillon KMSP
  • “Treated Wood” Jeff Baillon KMSP
  • “Guarding the Guards” John Croman KARE
  • “Prescription for Disaster” John Croman KARE
  • “The Tender Touch” John Croman KARE
  • “Blood Priority” Gary Hill KSTP
  • “The Recall that Missed Minnesota” Gary Hill KSTP

5: Continuing Coverage

  • “U of M Scandal” 9 News KMSP
  • “Katie Poirier Abduction” Gary Hill KSTP
  • “Baby Wyatt” Lynsey Paulo KSTP

6: Soft Feature

  • Stay tuned!

7: Soft Feature Series

  • “NewsNight MN Local Love Story” Daniel Pierce Bergin KTCA
  • “Fisherman’s Life” Jay Cole WDIO
  • “Search for Peace” Jay Cole WDIO
  • “Online vs On Foot” Paula Engelking WCCO
  • “Bears” Rick Kupchella KARE
  • “With Love, From Your Sisters” Trish Van Pilsum WCCO

8: Hard Feature

  • “Whispers from the Heartland” John Barr KSTP
  • “International License” John Croman KARE
  • “23 Years After the Fire” Gary Hill KSTP
  • “Recliner Danger” Gary Hill KSTP
  • “Prison Attack” Boyd Huppert KARE
  • “Drowsy Drivers” Trish Van Pilsum WCCO
  • “Left Alone” Greg Vandegrift KARE
  • “Bitter Pill” Brad Woodard KARE

9: Hard Feature Series

  • Stay tuned!

10: On Going Feature Series

  • “Consumer Action” Jeff Baillon KMSP
  • “On the Road” Jason Davis KSTP
  • “Lifeline” Dennis Douda WCCO
  • “Hardware Myths & Mysteries” Doug Frattallone Conus
  • “Family Survival Kit” Angela Hampton KMSP
  • “Academic All-Stars” Rondah Kinchlow KARE
  • “Perk at Play” Eric Perkins KARE

11: News Special

  • “Victories: Battling Breast Cancer” Angela Hampton KMSP
  • “Ventura Victory” Tom Hauser KSTP
  • “Eyewitness News Investigates” Gary Hill KSTP
  • “The Greatest Generation” Dave Jensch KBJR
  • “Katie’s Legacy” Dave Jensch KBJR
  • “Jesse in Japan” Mary Lahammer KTCA
  • “Meth: The Drug Next Door” Tom Lyden KMSP

12: Documentary

  • “The Century in Minnesota” Jeff Baillon KMSP
  • “Searching Seoul” Jason Davis KSTP
  • “Extra!Extra! A Child’s Voice” Dana Thiede KARE
  • “Death of the Dream” John Whitehead KTCA

13: Public Affairs

  • “Every 15 Minutes” Dean Adams KAAL
  • “On the Road to Cuba” Jason Davis KSTP
  • “1999 Eleven Who Care” Kiki Rosatti KARE

14: Magazine

  • “On the Money” Mike Gaede Conus
  • “North Shore Stories” Walter Rasmussen MCN Ch6

15: Children’s

  • “Whatever Show: Mike’s Story” Erin Zdechlik KARE
  • “Whatever Show: #212” Erin Zdechlik KARE

16: Entertainment

  • No entries

17: Sports – Live or Unedited

  • Stay tuned!

18: Sports Program

  • “Fox29 Vikings Post Game Show” Jim Rich Fox29
  • “Rosen Sports Sunday” Mark Rosen WCCO
  • “Sports Wrap” Joe Schmit KSTP
  • “Vikings Live!” Joe Schmit KSTP

19: Sports Segment/Feature

  • Stay tuned!

20a: Community/Public Service – Spot

  • “A Hundred Years from Now” Sarah Holland Fox29
  • “Eleven Who Care Salute” Kiki Rosatti KARE

20b: Community/Public Service – Campaign

  • “Science Museum Grand Opening” Dayna Deutsch KSTPA
  • “Hundred Years from Now” Sarah Holland Fox29

21a: News Promotion – Spot

  • “State Fair” Kristin Bottoni KARE
  • “Autism” Jeanne Kosek KARE
  • “Dimension Image” Kyle Longnecker WCCO
  • “Letters Found” Julie Ziegler-Feiring KBJR

21b: News Promotion – Campaign

  • “KSTP Image” Dave Baumann KSTP
  • “The Greatest Generation” Julie Ziegler-Feiring KBJR

22a: Non-News Promotion – Spot

  • “Death of the Dream” Derek Bolden KTCA
  • “Independent Film Sunday” Derek Bolden KTCA
  • “Frontline Proof of Performance” Lisa Naidicz KTCA
  • “Outside Looking In” Lisa Naidicz KTCA

22b: Non-News Promotion – Campaign

  • “African-American History Month” Derek Bolden KTCA
  • “Fanatic” Kevin Myers KMSP

23: News Anchor

  • Paul Magers KARE
  • Julie Nelson KSTP
  • Jeff Passolt KMSP

24: Weather Anchors

  • Belinda Jensen KARE
  • Sam Scaman KMSP

25: Sports Anchors

  • Jeff Grayson KMSP
  • Joe Schmit KSTP

26: Reporter

  • Stay tuned!

27: Commentators

  • No nominees

28: Program Hosts – Non-News

  • “NewsNight Minnesota” Lou Harvin KTCA
  • “Generation Cross” Lino Rulli MCN Ch6

29a: Graphics Design, Animation

  • Rachael Thompson KSTP

29b: Graphics Design, Animation (Non-News)

  • No nominees

30a: Audio – News

  • “Whispers from the Heartland” Mark Anderson KSTP
  • “Composite” Jonathan Malat KARE

30b: Audio (Non-News)

  • “Death of the Dream” Joseph B. Demko KTCA
  • “NewsNight Minnesota Performance” Vern Norwood KTCA
  • “NewsNight Minnesota Spot Light” Shawn W. Walsh KTCA

31a: Videography, News (Spot News)

  • “Medicine Lake Grass Fire” Brett Akagi KARE
  • “Composite” Dave Wertheimer KSTP

31b: Videography, News (Feature)

  • “Compilation” Mark Anderson KSTP
  • “Composite” Gary Knox KARE
  • “St Paul Scale” Jonathan Malat KARE

31c: Videography, News (Sports)

  • “The Velodrome” Tom Aviles WCCO
  • “For the Love of the Game” Jonathan Malat KARE

31d: Videography, News (In-depth)

  • “Compilation” Mark Anderson KSTP
  • “Composite” Jonathan Malat KARE
  • “Composite” Dave Wertheimer KSTP

32: Videography (Non-News)

  • “Country Spires” Tim Bakken KWCM
  • “On the Road” Jason Davis KSTP
  • “Death of the Dream” Robert Hutchings KTCA

33: Directing – News

  • No nominees

34: Directing (Non-News)

  • No nominees

35a: Editing News (Spot News)

  • “No Beer” Scott Suppelsa KARE
  • “Composite” Dave Wertheimer KSTP

35b: Editing News (Feature)

  • “Why Fear?” Brett Akagi KARE
  • “Compilation” Ron Elmquist KMSP
  • “The Buzz Compilation” Rob King KMSP
  • “Composite” Jonathan Malat KARE
  • “Composite” Jonathan Menell KSTP

35c: Editing News (Sports)

  • “The Velodrome” Thomas Aviles WCCO
  • “Pinning Down #1” Scott Jensen KARE
  • “Composite” Jonathan Menell KSTP

35d: Editing News (In-depth)

  • “Whispers from the Heartland” Mark Anderson KSTP
  • “Parade Stadium” Gary Knox KARE
  • “Composite Jonathan” Malat KARE
  • “Composite” Jonathan Menell KSTP

36: Editing (Non-News)

  • “Editing Composite” Mike Lopez KSTP
  • “Eyewitness News Investigates” Jonathan Menell KSTP
  • “” Dave Schwenk KSTP
  • “Composite” Chuck Ulmer KARE

37a: Lighting – News

  • Stay tuned!

37b: Lighting (Non-News)

  • “Don’t Believe the Hype” J. Thomas Price KTCA
  • “Composite” Kent D. Westberg KARE

38a: Musical Composition/Arrangement: News

  • No entries

38b: Musical Composition/Arrangement: Non-News

  • “Death of the Dream” Steve Heitzeg KTCA

39: Technical Achievement

  • Stay tuned!

40: Writing – News

  • John Barr KSTP
  • John Croman KARE
  • Boyd Huppert KARE
  • Phil Johnston KARE
  • Rod Rassman KSTP
  • Trish Van Pilsum WCCO
  • Trish Van Pilsum WCCO

41: Writing (Non-News)

  • “Country Spires” Cindy Green KWCM
  • “Composite” Jeff Ongstad KWCM
  • “Death of the Dream” John Whitehead KTCA

42a College: News/Informational Programming

  • “New Town: Broken Down” U of M
  • “Our Bodies/Ourselves?” U of M

42b College: Non-News/Entertainment Programming

  • “Life is” U of M
  • “Owning the Stage” U of M

43a: High School: News/Informational Programming

  • No entries

43b: High School: Non-News/Entertainment Programming

  • No entries