Justin Lund – KMSP TV

Justin Lund – KMSP TV

Justin Lund – KMSP-TV

As a proud alumni from the UW-River Fall’s Media program, a former student that received 4 Student-Television Award Nominations and finally as a current active professional in the industry of Advertising and TV Broadcasting, I am honored to announce a candidacy for a seat with your organization’s team.

During my academic career, the Upper Midwest Student-Television Awards were something that stayed in the back of my mind at all times. The Foundation’s scholarship and award opportunities were positive goals that further encouraged me to work harder at learning production and broadcasting to the best of my ability. As a senior I experienced the pay-off of these awards first-hand. When my nominations were announced, it allowed me to bring credibility and honor to my University, while also enabling me to connect with an endless number of peers and professionals already in the industry.

Upon graduation, I was very fortunate to earn a position with Fox 9 KMSP/WFTC, a broadcasting station in Eden Prairie known for its excellence in supplying Greater Minnesota with outstanding journalism and TV content. During my time as a Promotions Producer in Creative Services for the company, I have created promos, commercials, and other content that has both complimented and propelled the station’s marketing campaigns forward.

What I hope to give to the Foundation is a dedicated and trust-worthy work ethic, fueled by a relentless passion for everything that is storytelling. I would like to be a member that can be depended on for moving the Chapter’s ambitions closer to achieving its set goals. I believe I can do this not only through a developed skill set in the creation of audio/video media, but also through my personal character as well. I am an easy-going professional that is friendly to work with while finding creative solutions to difficult problems that stand in the way of achieving team success.

Thank you all for your time and consideration. I look forward to working with the Foundation more in the future.