Salah Mohamed – Thomas Edison High School (Minneapolis, MN)

Salah Mohamed – Thomas Edison High School (Minneapolis, MN):

Salah is a natural story teller and has enhanced his own abilities through his learned technical knowledge. He quickly grasped the techniques of filming, sound, lighting, and editing. He frequently identifies a missing component and has on multiple occasions written, recorded a voice over, and edited corresponding visuals to enhance the story. Below are a couple examples of Salah leading the class in finalizing a project. Each Friday we produce a “Feature” that is a collection of stories united by a common theme. In early November, we did a feature on “Elections”. The independent stories were well done and informative, but lacked continuity. Salah noticed this during the initial airing and in a single day created a beautiful 40 second introduction that perfectly set up each of the election day stories. On another Friday we featured “Mental Health Resources” at school. The episode was somber and serious. Upon viewing the initial draft Salah persuaded the class to include an alternate ending that included national numbers for suicide awareness. He personally got on camera and spoke to the sensitivity of the episode and made the necessary final edits.

Salah is ALWAYS conscious of our own bias in our productions. He is a continual reminder to his classmates and myself that our stories must include multiple perspectives and student voices. In doing so he has insured that we have covered stories on all the student clubs, the arts, boys’ and girls’ athletics, the cafeteria staff, new teachers, counseling resources, and freshman experiences. Our coverage is broader and more intentional thanks to Salah and his leadership.

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