Kaitlynn Seeley – WCTV Webster City High School (Iowa)

Kaitlynn Seeley – WCTV Webster City High School (Iowa):

Kaitlynn is one of the few students to be involved in WCTV all four years of high school. Kaitlynn started out as a reporter and anchor her freshman year. As a sophomore Kaitlynn became part of the WCTV technical staff. As a techie she learned all the control room functions to prepare for and produce the weekly show. Due to a smaller class size that year Kaitlynn also continued to do anchor and reporter work. Kaitlynn’s junior year saw her selected as the WCTV Season 19 Student Director. Kaitlynn was responsible for managing the student staff and the programs weekly production schedule. In her senior year Kaitlynn was selected to be the WCTV Season 20 Technical Director. Kaitlynn is in charge of all technical aspects of the shows preparation and production.

This year was the 20th anniversary of WCTV. Kaitlynn took the lead and organized a reunion party. Kaitlynn also switched a live, on location, episode of WCTV at the annual ITEC conference. Kaitlynn’s people skills, time management, and knowledge draws people to want to work with her. While Kaitlynn is normally the leader of the group, she is also a great team player. Kaitlynn leads by example and produces high quality work, consistently and on time. Kaitlynn is always ready to help out her staff whenever and whatever they need.

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