McKinley Kingbird & Clifford Jones – Bemidji High School

McKinley Kingbird & Clifford Jones – Bemidji High School

McKinley Kingbird & Clifford Jones are both seniors at Bemidji High School who have been involved in video production & the schools weekly show “Lumberjack Live” since their sophomore year. This is a student produced, directed show with emphasis on storytelling, camera work, Audio work and editing as our main focus each week.

McKinley & Clifford have had several rolls within the class ranging from Boom Pole Operator to the shows producer. Their biggest asset to LJL has been providing unique content to our weekly show. They have produced short features form stop motion animation to deeper features about relationships and suicide.

The boys work well with others and excel at conveying their vision with the people that they work with. They are exceptional at forming production crews with people of all races and social groups and work at the highest level of being resourceful with locations and limited gear that they have to work with.

“The problem solving characteristics are the highest for high school students that I have ever seen.” said Bryan Hammitt, the boys teacher. “Just about all the stories they make are non-traditional topics and very unique/patriotic,” said Hammett.

Despite limited recourses in their lives, these guys really eat sleep and breath video production. If they are not filming something for our school show, they are on the stage crew for all the productions that the school offers. school plays, concerts, sports broadcast, pep-fest, dinner shows and volcamotive performances etc. Cliff and Mac are true leaders in our classroom.

They are not the hip hip horray type, but lead by example, their production value is so high in the features they make that the other students try to emulate them. In all my years of teaching Video Production I have never worked with two kids that are as passionate about story telling and video work as these two young men. They are truly a blessing to have in class and such a great example of great attitude while working hard with limited resources.

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