Dave Dahl – KSTP-TV

This summer marks Chief Meteorologist Dave Dahl‘s 40th anniversary at the station. Dave officially started working at KSTP on July 29, 1977. He started at Channel 5 two months after graduating from Florida State University.

Dave’s first job at KSTP was making weather maps for Country Day, a show that aired from 6 to 7 in the morning and focused on issues facing the family farmer.

However, after nearly two years behind the scenes, Dave’s big break came in 1979 when he was given the chance to appear on-air. “They came to me and said ‘Dave, do you have a suit?’ I said, ‘no I don’t have a suit,'” Dave recalled. “They said, ‘well, wear whatever you have.’ I had a short-sleeved, yellow leisure suit. And, you know what, the farmers loved it.” The rest is Twin Cities meteorological history.

For 40 years, people in Minnesota and western Wisconsin have turned to Dave to keep them safe from the storm including the so-called ‘Superstorm’ in 1987 that dropped nearly 10 inches of rain in the Twin Cities in only 5 hours. “I think I was the only one broadcasting,” said Dave. “The power was out everywhere.”

Four years later, Dave guided viewers through another big storm, the Halloween blizzard on October 31st, 1991. “We ended up with 28.6 (inches),” said Dave. “It’s the most we’ve ever had.”

In 1998, Dave was honored by the Minnesota Broadcaster’s Association as Broadcaster of the Year.

It was a tornado, in fact, that inspired Dave’s interest in meteorology. When Dave was a child, he witnessed a tornado. He was so frightened and fascinated that he decided to learn everything he could about the weather. Today, Dave is a favorite weather and science teacher to thousands of students in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. For the past 15 years, Dave has spent much of his personal time making weekly presentations on the basics of meteorology.

A father of five and true blue Minnesotan, Dave actively supports many worthy causes in our communities. To name a few: Big Brothers and Big Sisters, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Kiwanis, Rotary, and on a very personal level, the American Heart Association – in gratitude for his daughter Kayla’s successful heart surgery at the age of two.

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