2020 Emmy® Season Changes


*Special Reduced Membership Rate in Feb.
 *Same Emmy® Entry Rate as 2019 (if Judge Two Panels)
 *Enjoy Membership Benefit  (if all listed entrants are members) 

Dear Upper Midwest Emmy® Members,

The Board of Governors welcomes you to a new Upper Midwest Emmy® Season. Thank you for a great 20th birthday celebration last October. It’s now time to look ahead to 2020.

Our Board of Governors audits chapter financials and awards rules every year. We want to provide you with maximum operating efficiency to maintain a sustainable budget for our awards process and Gala production. This fiscal diligence keeps the cost of our memberships, entries, Gala and award orders reasonable when you compare the same costs with other chapters.

As you know, the “cost of doing business” goes up every year. We don’t want to fiddle with member/entry/Gala prices every year.  Our board wants a plan to give you some consistency for the next several years. We took a deep dive and looked into all the people listed on our entries last year (1,361). We found 2/3 are non-members, don’t pay any entry fees, don’t order awards or don’t judge. They get the recognition, but all other responsibilities fall on our members. 

The Upper Midwest Emmy® Chapter Board of Governors voted this month to make changes regarding memberships, entry fees and judging requirements. The board feels this plan will help us achieve a balance of responsibility for those participating in our chapter activities. We are sending you this information now to help you prepare for and before the 2020 season Call for Entries in June..


  • Member rate entry fees will be applied to entries where all listed entrants are members. Submitters need to know each person listed on an entry needs to be a member for entry to get member rate. Entries listing any non-members will be charged the non-member rate.
  • Main entrants who have completed mandatory judging requirements (2 panels) will receive a $50 discount per-entry.
  • Our published entry fees will look higher this year, but will actually be the same price if entrant has met judging requirements.

2020 EMMY JUDGING REQUIREMENTS: (13% of 2019 entrants judged)

  • Any member who submitted an entry last year will need to judge TWO PANELS to meet requirement for discount on entries. 
  • Anyone listed anywhere on an entry last year (whether a member or not) who wish to submit an entry on their own this year, will need to judge TWO PANELS to meet requirement for discount on entries.
  • The judging requirements do not affect anyone who was not listed on any entry last year or who is a new member from another market. 

2020 MEMBERSHIPS: (Valid 1/01/2020 through 12/31/2020)

  • Each person listed on entry needs to be member for entry to get member rate. Entries listing any non-members will be charged the non-member rate.
  • Wewill offer a membership special for people to renew or get memberships. (special reduced membership rates listed below)

The Board of Governors thanks you for your understanding. The board is making these changes to help our members get some shared responsibility from others who want recognition for working on the award-winning projects. 

Jodi Ritacca
President – Board of Governors
The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences – Upper Midwest Chapter

Feb. 7th – Feb. 29th Renew memberships and save 10% on award orders from previous years. $50/Twin Cities market – $25 all other markets.

March 1st – April 30th.  $60/Twin Cities Market – $30/All other markets

May 1st – $70/Twin Cities Market – $35/All other markets

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Early Bird Entries Open      Monday June 1st
Early Bird Entry Deadline   Friday, June 12th
Entry Deadline:                   Friday, June 26th
Regional Emmy® Nominations:     Friday September 11th
Regional Emmy® Awards Gala:    Saturday, October 10th

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