NATAS-Student Awards Double-Dipping Rules

NATAS-Student Awards Double-Dipping Rules

NATAS Double-Dipping Defined

To avoid any confusion, the basic formula for “double-dipping” is the following:
An individual entrant can only been recognized once for the same job function, utilizing the same program content.

No single entry may be submitted in its entirety in more than one programming category. Exceptions are given for content that was part of a full newscast.

To be eligible for this exception in the newscast categories, the same entrant cannot be listed on the newscast entry and then use the same material and enter in another programming category.

A reporter is listed on a newscast entry. Under this “double-dipping” rule, a portion of the newscast content could be entered in “General Assignment Report” but the same reporter cannot be listed since their name already appeared on the newscast entry

Craft persons, like writers, photographers, editors, etc., are allowed to enter in non-craft categories if they directly contributed to the content of the program or segment, and have the permission of the primary producer. If a craft person does enter as a producer in a non-craft category, they may enter the same content again in their respective craft category. Examples:
• If a craft person is a writer/photographer, they could enter the non-craft category as only the writer and then the photographer craft category.
• If they are not an entrant on the non-craft entry, they could enter either the writer or photographer category, using the same material since they performed different job functions.
• If they list themselves as both writer and photographer on the non-craft category entry, they are ineligible to enter either the writer or photographer craft categories.
They cannot enter either craft category using the dual job title since one category is only for writer and the other only for photographer.

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