Click here for things you need to know before you upload!

Click here for things you need to know before you upload!

Emmy® Entry Video Upload FAQ’s

What’s the most common uploading problem? There’s no easy way to say this except, please read the all of the instructions. We have tried to make this system as easy as possible with links on each side of the entry process pages. We’ve found the biggest problem is that people are in a hurry to try to use the system without reading the instructions. If you read the instructions, we assure you the process with go very smooth, but if you do have any problems, please email or call us ASAP. 952-381-7494

Do I really need to check my internet connection/speed? YES!!! The better the connection/speed, the smoother the uploading process. This is especially true if you use a wireless internet routing system or work at a company where everyone at the station shares the same bandwidth. At a bare minimum, we recommend 1mb or faster uploading speed on your computer

Should I use the back or refresh button during the process? NO!!!! The system is a sequential step-by-step process and using the back or refresh button during the video uploading process will cause problems.

What are common uploading problems issues I should know about in advance?
• Some station firewalls that block and won’t allow employees to upload video. You may have to get permission or do it somewhere else. Please check with our IT department
• Larger files need more internet uploading speed.
• Files larger than 500mb can cause slowdowns especially if you work at a company where everyone shares a network. In that situation, employees compete for bandwidth space. You may want to try and enter during off-peak times at the company.
• Minimum resolution requires for decent judging video quality is 480px.
• Some QuickTime files (.mov) are problematic with audio/video sync problems (Mac issue). If you can, export entry into an mp4 format.
• If you share computers at work, please be sure to clear your session when you are finished. If you leave it open and someone else uses your computer to upload an entry, it could see your info defaulted in that session.
• Wireless internet is OK to use. If at home, make sure no one else is playing online games or doing uploading/downloading things that may disrupt your bandwidth. If your wireless system drops the signal, you will have to start over.
• Please upload a video quality that we can possibly use for nominations or recipient video at the awards Gala.

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